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don_with_kettlebellMilitary operations throw up a randomised mix of challenges that are largely anaerobic, involve the whole body, are often carried out under load and repeated rapidly in short bursts, and seldom demand long aerobic efforts or isolation of specific muscle groups.
I have designed training programs that are specific to the tasks military personnel may one day encounter in combat or emergency situations.
Don Stevenson

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Whether you are in the Army, Navy or Air Force, fitness is of paramount importance for dealing with the demands of military operations. Nowhere else are the demands so great and the stakes so high.

Don Stevenson’s philosophy is that the modern military athlete cannot expect to become combat fit on a diet of pushups and running, nor with a bodybuilding program designed to make them look good on the beach.

Don Stevenson was a long-time contributor to CONTACT Air Land & Sea magazine as our fitness writer. Don has since retired from the fitness industry and from writing, but, we believe his Military Fitness column and his various books and DVDs are as relevant and insightful to our military-specific audience today as ever.

That said, while we present Don’s published articles in this archive and present two of Don’s most popular books for sale, CONTACT Publishing Pty Ltd as a magazine publisher cannot and will not accept any liability arising from the use (or misuse) of the information publishedBy accessing, downloading and/or using this information, you agree that your application of the information presented is done entirely at your own risk. If you do not agree to this condition, please do not access this information.



Books by Don Stevenson

 couch ………  Beet The Beep Test
Couch to Commando is a 165-page e-book with programs in 6 different levels to progress anyone from couch potato to commando candidate. Beat The Beep Test is an 89-page complete e-guide to beep-test training and preparation.
 $45  $35

Thanks to Don Stevenson
20% of your purchase
will be donated to
Saltwater Veterans


GENUINE USER FEEDBACK:  “The Couch to Commando program is actually brilliant and if I get to the end of it successfully I may have a crack at the direct entry scheme.”


In early July DFR called and asked me to complete a practice PFA which I ended up scoring 60 pushups, 100 situps and 11.1 on the beep test. The next morning I had a phone call from my enlistment coordinator offering me an Infantry enlistment date with only 3 weeks notice. I suspect my practice PFA results had a large part to play with being accepted – and can confidentially say that I would never have achieved these fitness results without the Couch to Commando program I found on your website.”




Magazine articles by Don Stevenson…

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