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ABOUT Brian Hartigan

I am the last-remaining co-founder of Contact Publishing Pty Ltd (established 2003) who is still involved in publishing.

Then Corporal, now CONTACT Managing Editor, Brian Hartigan with Pop Idol Kylie Minogue in East Timor, December 1999.
Then Corporal now CONTACT Editor Brian Hartigan with Pop Idol Kylie Minogue in East Timor, December 1999.

I served almost 12 years in the full-time Army, first as an Aircraft Fitter (helicopter mechanic) and then as a reporter at ARMY Newspaper (and ARMY Magazine – now defunct, which is an important detail…).

In the Army, I deployed to East Timor in 1999 as a member of INTERFET.

When I left the full-time Army in 2002, I worked for five years with the Australian Federal Police as Editor of Platypus, their professional police journal, and as a PR photographer.

As an AFP photographer, I deployed on the first rotation of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI).

My time with the AFP coincided with the birth of CONTACT magazine. We started as a four-person committee, but two left (were ousted) before the first magazine was published. The one remaining partner withdrew his support after the second issue of CONTACT magazine, which my wife Rosie and I produced from then on.

For the most part, CONTACT has been produced as a sideline to what were pretty full-on day jobs.

You can read more about my credentials as a defence reporter – and my motivations for starting CONTACT Magazine here.

Other jobs I’ve held down (for various lengths of time) include Editor RAAF Newspaper, Chief of Staff Army Newspaper, Media Operations Officer Defence HQ – and, as a younger man, taxi driver, lawnmower, car washer, furniture removalist and dairy farmer.

I am on the wrong side of 60 years old (how the hell did that happen?), married to Rosie, with two adult daughters, two granddaughters and one son-in-law.

My wife and I both speak with remnants of Irish accents, but we’ve lived in Australia longer than we lived in Ireland.

I am now on a TPI pension from DVA (read about some of my mental-health journey here).

Consequently, CONTACT is merely a hobby – along with YouTube video making, home renovations and surfing.






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