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What started out as the “CONTACT Patron Army”, has been renamed the DFSW Club. We felt the ‘Army’ name and construct was a bit short sighted and unfair to our Navy and RAAF fans. 

And, while DFSW is an Army acronym, it is now moulded to our needs too –

DFSW means Direct Funding Supporters of our Work



Joining the DFSW Club can only be done via Patreon, a platform designed to help fans like you support ‘creatives’ like me.

Patreon is a kind of like an ongoing ‘kick-starter’ for creators. In return, CONTACT offers rewards to our very valuable DFSW Club members – from a simple thank you to public acknowledgement below and in CONTACT magazine – or a CONTACT pen to a CONTACT coffee-table yearbook.

Membership of the DFSW Club is only available via Patreon.



The following people are proud members of the…



VIP members:

David Tatler of Ermington, NSW, joined us on 19 November 2017 as a very high-ranking member. Incredibly, however, David is not an advertiser and not looking for advertiser rewards.
I’m doing this as an interested citizen. Both my brothers were Nasho’s (John, my eldest brother, did Vietnam) and my dad served in the Royal Navy during WW2. Keep up the great work.

Thank you David – you are truly an officer and a gentlemen.


Raymond Yeow of Sydney, NSW, was a ‘CONTACT Corporal’ for six months before promoting himself to the heavy-hitter ranks on 10 September 2018. And again, this is an individual – a CONTACT fan – who wants nothing more than to support CONTACT.

Raymond, this level of support is, in equal measures, gobsmacking in its generosity and encouraging in the extreme. Thank you sir.


Aaron Bonnett of Waroona, WA, was our first US$20 man, enlisting on 1 March 2018. Aaron obviously saw the extra rewards in being a junior officer as worth the extra pledge – and I am so pleased he did. I’ll be watching this young officer’s career very closely.

Mark James of Leongatha, Victoria, who was a ‘CONTACT Private’ for four months, promoted himself on 11 September 2018. Thank you very much Mark.

George Hulse of St Lucia, Queensland, jumped in to this support bracket on 3 October 2018. George served in several countries overseas during a 20-year career in the Corps of Royal Australian Engineers – and we are honoured to welcome him into our little club.



Peter Leed of Wy Yung, Victoria, was first in at this level, and so very very welcome aboard. Peter joined us on 6 May 2018.

Warren Hunt of Tarren Point, NSW, enlisted at this level on 7 May 2018. An honour to have you here Warren.



Dennis Mitchell of Greenleigh, NSW, began supporting us on 2 December 2017. Welcome to the club, Dennis

Rod Charman of Mildura, Victoria, joined us on 7 December 2017. Welcome to the club, Rod.

Amba Beedie of St Kilda South, Victoria, joined us on 9 December 2017. Welcome to the club, Amba.

Peter J Thomas OAM of Torquay, Victoria, joined us on 28 January 2018. Great to have you hear, Peter.

Noel Wright of Helensvale, Queensland, joined us on 9 April 2018. Welcome to the club, Noel.

Ian Cavanough of Yeppoon, Queensland, joined us on 6 May 2018. And, I will take this opportunity to point out that Ian is already a member of the CONTACT family – being the author of the audience-favourite blog Fun, Fear and Frivolity, about his exploits in Vietnam. Thank you once again for your support, Ian.

Joshua Elmer of Cranbourne, Victoria, joined us on 7 May 2018. Welcome Joshua.

Mike Ryan of Hawthorn East, Victoria, was a ‘CONTACT Corporal’ for 10 months, then stepped up to this level on 23 August 2018. Thank you Mike.

Greg Holmes of Sadadeen, Northern Territory, was a ‘CONTACT Corporal’ for 6 months, then stepped up 28 August 2018. Good man Greg.

Ted Black of Mayfield, NSW, was a ‘CONTACT Corporal’ for 4 months, then upped a level on 30 August 2018. Excellent work, Ted.

Mike Gillen of Seaford Meadows, South Australia, joins us on 1 September 2018. Welcome Mike.

Rhys Zanghellini or West Wodonga, Victoria, joined us on 14 September 2018. Great to have you Rhys.

Leane Townrow of Ngunnawal, ACT, re-joined after a short break, on 22 September 2018. Welcome back, Leane. You didn’t have to, but I really appreciate your support.

Jamie Clearihan of Geelong, Victoria, joined us on 23 September 2018. Welcome Jamie.

Len Thompson, joined us on 23 September 2018. Thank you Len.

Me. Brian Hartigan, CONTACT Editor, signed up as a sergeant, to test the system and make sure it runs smoothly, from a patron’s viewpoint.



We tried running a ‘subscription’ model via PayPal – but this didn’t work for purely technical/software reasons. The PayPal option is now closed.

However, the following people who ‘subscribed’ via PayPal will still receive all the DFSW Club membership benefits we initially promised – except, of course, the printed CONTACT.



Gordon Reeds of Chittaway Bay, NSW, joined us on 2 December 2018. Thank you so much Gordon.



Ray Atkin of Gungahlin, ACT, joined us on 6 October 2018. Thank you very much Raymond.


Other members

The following people all paid a full-year’s subscriptions in advance ($36)…

Christopher Kennedy
Robert Rowland
Ann Hallam
Elena Gray
Colleen Crabb
John Winter
Stephen Dale
Patrick Kavanagh
Owen Glover
Mark Johnson
William McIver
Luke Norman
Adrianus Voormeulen
John van der Pol
Neil Hammett
Terrence Irons


26 others are supporting us at base levels.


Thank you all most sincerely.




It’s very simple – book any advertising in CONTACT magazine, in our newsletter or on this web site and, instead of paying by invoice, pay by PayPal (in advance or monthly). That’s it – simply change your payment arrangements and save 10% off all listed advertising prices.

But wait – there’s more

You also get a free hyperlinked listing on this page and on the “DFSW Club” page in CONTACT magazine!

Contact Brian Hartigan on 0408 496 664 or email advertising@militarycontact.com to discuss options.




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