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33% off all above prices for veteran-owned businesses.



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Holy Cow – what a year!!!
Holy Cow – what a year!!! – 5.7million page views

CONTACT is an Internet-based publishing house, producing a daily news and entertainment web site, a fortnightly newsletter and a quarterly e-magazine – all delivered free to the audience.

Best known for our quarterly CONTACT Air Land & Sea – which started as a traditional print magazine in 2004 and went digital in 2013 – we have evolved to offer much more.

Our infotainment web site, launched in mid 2015, is on an exponential growth trajectory – recording just over 2million page views in 2016  –  2.8million in 2017 –  3.7million in 2018  –  4.1million in 2019  –  and 5.7million in 2020.

We now have two fortnightly newsletters sent to roughly 14,800 (and growing) email subscribers on alternate Sundays – i.e. a news-based newsletter one Sunday and an ‘ADF People’ newsletter on the following Sunday.

Our ‘traditional’ magazine is sent to the same email-subscriber base four times a year, as well as being freely available on our homepage and in our archives.

Each product offers a unique opportunity to connect with our audience – and each should be considered carefully.

  • Our web site offers an ‘instant sugar hit’, putting an advertising message into the peripheral vision of our largest audience. Ads are presented on every (new and old) post on our web site.
  • Our magazine is a prestige product, where the audience is much smaller, but much more engaged, browsing colourful pages and reading longer, more engaging stories. The magazine is also archived, where stories (and advertisements) will live forever.
  • We believe our fortnightly newsletters are our most important (and underrated) advertising-carriage platform – delivered directly into the email inboxes of engaged subscribers every Sunday on a fortnightly rotation (news every second Sunday after 10 January – and ADF People on every other fortnight).



CONTACT has established a reputation over 16 years as the best boots-on-the-ground military magazine in Australia.

CONTACT provides advertisers with a range of high-quality outlets to showcase products to an ever-growing niche audience.

CONTACT is already seen as an effective marketing tool by companies with a product to sell directly to an attractive niche market and is ideally placed to assist companies with longer-term strategic aims.

CONTACT is aimed directly at military personnel, former members and civilians with a keen interest in Defence. It is dedicated to presenting photos and stories that capture the essence of serving-members’ lives and interests, as far as possible from an insider’s perspective

We seek to attract quality advertisers to match our high standards of writing, photography and presentation.

Substantial discounts can be gained on long-term bookings – and 10% more if you pay for a full year’s advertising in advance – and 33% off all advertising for veteran-owned businesses.

All advertising can be hyperlinked to the advertiser’s web site – delivering increased potential for direct and immediate interaction with readers.

Advertisers can share Facebook or other links that take customers directly to our magazines or to any page in them, including their own ads.

Subscribers to CONTACT are opt-in volunteers whose email address is validated, as an anti-spam measure. See our Media Kit for audience information.



CONTACT welcomes press releases and editorial submissions from any source including advertisers (and even non advertisers).

Editorial will be considered for publication on its own merits with some weight in favour of publication given to advertisers.

To be considered for publication, submissions must be relevant to CONTACT and its audience and be consistant with our style, tone and audience level, or – we reserve the right to edit submitted material to conform with our style and tone, and available space.

Submitted material accompanied by high-quality supporting photographs or other illustrative material will be considered more favourably.

In considering material for publication, some preference will be given to current advertisers – but being a current advertiser does not guarantee publication nor confer any ‘right’ to be published.

The Q Store page in CONTACT magazine is open to all ‘current advertisers’ to submit review-style articles of 150 words, supported by one high-quality photograph (see good examples of previous entries here and here). This article must be specific to the one product ‘under review’ and must not be in the form of a company or general promotion. ‘Current advertisers’ may submit one or more conforming entry for every magazine. Entries will be accepted on a first-submitted-first-published basis, but also applying fairness in ‘sharing’ of the space.




Our Media Kit lists our current advertising prices.

The cost of advertising in CONTACT compares very favourably with other magazines and web sites in the genre.

The effectiveness of an advertising campaign in CONTACT has been recognised by a diverse range of companies, some of whom have supported and relied upon CONTACT for years. Many clients book ‘ongoing’ campaigns – benefiting from further discounts and insulating them against future price rises.

All bookings for advertising in CONTACT are insulated against price rises or other changes as long as the booking is ‘live’. This applies to multi-issue bookings as well as ‘ongoing’ bookings.

An ‘ongoing’ booking remains live until cancelled. An ‘ongoing’ booking indicates a level of commitment and secures larger discounts – but can be cancelled at any time, without penalty, with minimum 30-days notice.


High-res, printable deadlines calendar

CONTACT web site is updated daily, as news comes in. Traffic to the web site is boosted through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn as well as through our fortnightly newsletter sent to all subscribers. Web site advertising (and editorial) can be submitted at any time.

CONTACT newsletter is a fortnightly publication that highlights the best stories from our web site. It is sent every second Sunday (first in 2021 was 10 January). Inclusion deadline for the newsletter is the Friday before sending.

CONTACT Air Land & Sea magazine is published on the 1st of March, June, September and December. Booking and advertising art deadlines are on the Friday, two weeks before publication.(NOTE: magazine editorial deadlines are minimum 30 days before publication. See our ‘editorial opportunities’ terms and conditions above, then feel free to phone or email the editor to discuss).

CONTACT Air Land & Sea magazine is electronic only – we stopped printing in 2012.

Editorial submissions and press releases from our advertisers are welcomed and are considered for publication on their own merits (applying a little bias in favour of advertisers).

High-quality, high-resolution supporting images are essential.

Early bookings may secure a better choice of position and possible further discounts.
Please reserve your advertising space in plenty of time to allow adequate layout planning.


CONTACT seeks to attract quality advertisers to match our high standard of writing, photography and presentation.

If you need help putting together your artwork or need a fresh new look for your ad campaign, we can help. We can quote on any project and are happy to help you through the design process.

For those with artwork ready to go…

For CONTACT magazine: you may supply art in Adobe InDesign CS6 or earlier, high-res pdf or RGB .jpg – either on CD or by e-mail (max 40meg), or we can download it from your web site or ‘Dropbox’ etc.

For CONTACT website and newsletter: you may supply art as .jpeg or animated .gif files.
HTML or CSS coding is beyond our technical and brain capacity to handle 😉

Even though CONTACT magazine is a digital product, the downloadable .pdf versions are output at 300 dots per inch. Therefore, 300dpi is recommended for advertising art for best results.

Be aware that images dowloaded at 72 dots per inch from a web site, will always remain low resolution, even when placed in a high-resolution .pdf

Images should not be delivered embedded in Word or any other Microsoft product, or should not be used after being extracted from Word etc.

CONTACT is produced in standard A4 portrait format.

find advertising sizes in high resolution in our rate card
find advertising sizes in high resolution in our Media Kit

Ad sizes are described in our Media Kit.

  • PLEASE NOTE: half and quarter-page ads in the magazine are not actually half or quarter of a standard A4 page. Suitable margins must exist between page sides and other ads on the page. See our Media Kit for actual ad dimensions.

Double-page and full-page ads should be based on standard A4 vertical size.

While ‘bleed’ is not strictly necessary, its inclusion can produce surer results. If bleed is already incorporated in art, please leave it there. Bleed is not relevant to half- and quarter-page ads.

When a multi-ad booking is made, new artwork can be submitted for each issue without extra charge – however, the onus is on the advertiser to notify the publisher of any desired change and to submit the new artwork before the applicable deadline.

Web site and newsletter advertisements can be changed or updated at any time.

  • NOTE: When designing double-page advertisements for magazines, bear in mind that on some e-magazine delivery platforms, double-page spreads may be divided vertically by a fine black line. The magazine may also be presented in single-page format on small-screen devices – or readers may opt to view the magazine in single-page format on any device. Therefore, important artwork or wording should not cross the centre line of a double-page ad, especially if splitting the ad in two diminishes or destroys the message.


The publisher reserves the right to alter any of these terms and conditions (above and below) at any time without notice.

MATERIAL DELIVERY – Submitted artwork may be changed at any time before applicable deadlines. In the case of multi-issue magazine bookings, the advertiser may change artwork from one magazine to the next (at no cost) – but the onus is on the advertiser to notify the publisher of any desired change, and to supply the new artwork before the applicable deadline. The publisher reserves the right to use a customer’s previous art when new art is not received by the applicable deadline. Full charges apply for booked space when material-delivery deadlines are not met, regardless of what art is used to fill the space. Web site adverts can be changed or updated at any time.

REJECTION – acceptance of an advertising booking does not constitute a guarantee to publish an advertisement. The publisher reserves the right to reject or request alterations to advertisements for any reason, including but not limited to when artwork does not meet the high artistic standards of the magazine, is ‘flawed’ in any technical respect, is deemed distasteful, offensive or defamatory, contains messages deemed contrary to the goals and aspirations of CONTACT, Contact Publishing Pty Ltd, etc etc.

ENDORSEMENT – Acceptance of an advertisement for publication does not in any way constitute endorsement of a product or service by the publisher and no inference to that effect should be made in the ad or anywhere else. Advertising in CONTACT entitles an advertiser to truthfully claim, “As advertised in CONTACT” but does not entitle an advertiser to make the claim “As featured in CONTACT“. This is an ethical issue for us and we reserve the right to police it. Violators may find their indiscretion highlighted in magazine editorials etc, with obvious counter-advertising affects. To us, this rule is a ‘no brainer’, but was made necessary through practical experience. We also object to an advertiser advertising with us once only, then claiming “As advertised in CONTACT” for years thereafter.

PLACEMENT – the advertiser agrees that the editor has sole discretion in deciding ad placement within the magazines (except if placement premiums are paid). In deciding ad placement, the editor will give weight to; the artistic quality of the supplied artwork; the suitability of an ad being in proximity to a particular story or suitability of a particular story being in proximity to a particular advertisement; suitability of a particular advertisement being in proximity to any other advertisement; the size of the ad; first booked better placed; and so on.

CANCELLATION – any booked ad may be cancelled before the booking deadline of the applicable magazine (see deadlines above) without cost. Any ad cancelled after the relevant deadline must be paid for in full. An ‘Ongoing Booking’ secures larger discounts and indicates a level of commitment, but, can be cancelled with 30-days notice without penalty. In a case where a cancelled ad or campaign has already been paid for, a refund may be limited depending on deadlines and where a sales commission has been paid by us to a sales agent. In all cases, the onus to cancel or alter any booking in time to avoid penalty or disadvantage remains with the advertiser.

INDEMNITY – the advertiser warrants that their advertisement, artwork or product does not breach any laws including but not limited to trademark, copyright, privacy, defamation, discrimination, censorship, etc – and indemnifies Contact Publishing Pty Ltd (and all its directors, individual staff, subcontractors etc) from any loss or cost arising from any breach whether deliberate or accidental.
The advertiser indemnifies Contact Publishing Pty Ltd (and all its directors, individual staff, subcontractors etc) from any claim, loss or liability arising (whether directly or indirectly) in connection with the advertisement or the goods or services advertised, from breach of any warranty given or offered, or failure to give or offer, by the advertiser.
While all care will be taken, the publisher does not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by failure to publish supplied artwork or hyperlinks, or through any other error, omission, inclusion or placement.
The publisher does not accept responsibility, and the advertiser will not hold the publisher liable, for the reproduction quality of ads when artwork is submitted at less than the proscribed technical specifications above, nor for the reproduction quality of ads as presented on any third-party platform.
The publisher does not warrant that colours can be matched perfectly in any case.

PRICES – the publisher reserves the right to alter prices at any time. However, a customer who has signed a booking agreement will be exempt from such price variations until the current agreement ends, after which time a new price may be negotiated.

PAYMENT – invoices for all advertising will be sent at the commencement of the booking plus either monthly or quarterly thereafter, as agreed at time of booking. Payments are expected within 14 days from invoice date.

CLICK-THROUGH RATES – CONTACT can offer a range of audience statistics on incoming traffic to our web site. However, we cannot [currently] measure outgoing ‘click-through rates’ on electronic advertising. We currently do not and cannot offer such statistics. Advertisers who wish to measure the effectiveness of any advertisement, must make arrangements to do so on their end.

USE OF BIT.LY (or similar) LINKS – CONTACT has no objection to advertising customers using or other click-tracking links in advertisements.
However we do offer this CAUTION –– it is our understanding that ADF (and possibly most if not all government) firewalls block and other URL-shortening links. CONTACT therefore strongly recommends that advertisers do not use abbreviated tracking links if their target audience includes current-serving members of the ADF or anyone likely to be protected by high-level firewalls.
CONTACT recommends that advertisers consider their own incoming-traffic-measuring solutions – e.g. promotion codes, discount codes, landing pages or incoming-traffic-measuring software.






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