I first met Frank on Anzac Day and times of commemoration
We both came to this great land, by way of immigration
A trusted member of the executive, on which the committee would pivot
If you wanted an opinion, our Frank was sure to give it

On days of special service, the dais became his throne
When he approached the lectern, he didn’t need a microphone
Always the proud sailor, in presence and physic
You could hear him anywhere, his voice was so unique

He met his wife Laraine, out on a blind date
Little did he realise then, she’d be his lifetime mate
Engaged and married in a flash, no time to waste in port
For so many sailors, time ashore was short

Laraine was left to rule the roost, with all the chores and bills
For Frank spent so much time at sea, it’s a wonder he didn’t grow gills
When he returned he often felt, that he had been demoted
For during his long absence, Laraine had been promoted

But there was also tragedy, along their family track
For gifts that God has given, He sometimes does take back
Few will ever know, the sense of loss we feel
Some wounds may leave a scar, but some wounds never heal

For all his naval service, he would pay the highest price
A curse upon the veteran, when fate rolls its’ deadly dice
To give your life for your country, doesn’t always happen during war
For no one ever knows, what the future has in store

When he heard that eighth bell ring, it was time to leave this earth
His first born child appeared, to guide him to his berth
No more pain, or sorrow, in this valley of tears
Except from those who loved him, through his mortal years

May a gentle wind, be at your back and all the seas be calm
As you rest forever, safely in God’s palm
You have joined the shipmates, of those who’ve gone before
As you travel through eternity, to a different shore


By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton
20 June 2021

Dedicated to the late Frank Lawton, St Marys RSL Sub Branch






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