When the copper’s back is turned

When night falls like an evil veil, you’re out there on patrol
To protect the weak and uphold the law, is your noble goal
But there are those who pay no heed, to the honour you have earned
Tell me who protects the copper, when the copper’s back is turned

We place our trust in your safe hands and it’s very plain to see
Your actions seem to be in vain, when the offender just walks free
You work so hard to keep the peace, to find your efforts spurned
How safe will be the ones who judge, when the copper’s back is turned

When youth adores the god of speed and pays its deadly toll
It’s you who wakes the parents up and comforts each poor soul
For they too are the victims, of lessons never learned
But they won’t see the tears you shed, when the copper’s back is turned

Your scars are burned into your mind, like some bizarre tattoo
And it only takes a simple spark, to light those fires anew
You try to sleep but always find, the ghosts have all returned
For solace is a fleeting dream, when the copper’s back is turned

I know the ones within your heart, can’t be there all the time
Especially at that deadly hour, when your life is on the line
It’s they who will be left alone, with hearts and feelings churned
Sometime God forgets the copper, WHEN THE COPPER’S BACK IS TURNED

Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton







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