Driveway ANZAC

ANZAC 2020

This morning was surreal
It didn’t feel quite right
Not standing there with others
As we waited for first light

No racks of shining medals
No wreaths of flowers bright
No Diggers poignant stories
That can run long into the night

This year felt very different
As we all marked time at home
Not able to remember
In the same way we’ve always known

The nation came together
To recall in different ways
The self-sacrifice of others
With candles burning in driveways

Australia will get through it
Of this, I am sure
Just continue to remember them
They want for nothing more


25 April 2020


FILE PHOTO: ANZAC Day 2020 in Kiama Downs NSW – CONTACT HQ. Photo by Brian Hartigan. See our report of our ANZAC Day 2020 here






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