Aussie ships join Pacific Vanguard off Guam

The Royal Australian Navy has joined an eight-ship fleet with more than 1,500 personnel aboard from Japan, the Republic of Korea and the United States for Exercise Pacific Vanguard, in waters off Guam.

CAPTION: HMAS Stuart, ROKS Chung Mu Gong Yi Sun Shin and JS Ashigara executes an Officer of the Watch Manoeuvres exercise during the Regional Presence Deployment 2020 in the Pacific Ocean. Photo by Leading Seaman Ernesto Sanchez.

HMA Ships Stuart and Arunta will participate from the Royal Australian Navy, in this third iteration of Pacific Vanguard.

During the exercise, naval forces will practice a range of activities, including combined manoeuvers, surface warfare, live-fire exercises, anti-submarine warfare and replenishment at sea.

Commander of the Australian Maritime Task Group Captain Phillipa Hay said the Royal Australian Navy welcomed the opportunity to work with key regional partners on complex warfighting skills within a task group.

“It’s more important than ever to increase practical cooperation with regional partners,” Captain Hay said.

“Pacific Vanguard is an invaluable opportunity to increase the Royal Australian Navy’s understanding and experience working with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, Republic of Korea Navy and United States Navy.”

Japanese Ships Ashigara and Ise, Republic of Korea Ships Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin and Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong, and USS Barry, a submarine and USNS John Erickson from the United States will also take part.

Minister for Defence Linda Reynolds said the exercise brought together four key like-minded regional partners, working in support of a shared vision for a secure, open, prosperous and inclusive region.

“The increasing complexity of our security environment highlights the importance of maintaining and growing our regional partnerships,” Minister Reynolds said.

“Ours is a strong community built on shared interests, and activities like Exercise Pacific Vanguard increase our ability to contribute to the peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific.

“The exercise is part of the Royal Australian Navy’s Regional Presence Deployment through Southeast Asia and the Pacific, which demonstrates Australia’s enduring commitment to the Indo-Pacific region.









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