“Banana Republic” pledges another $110million aid package to Ukraine

Australia has pledged a new $110 million assistance package to Ukraine – including 70 military vehicles, 105mm artillery ammunition and $10million in humanitarian supplies.

FILE PHOTO: Australian Army M113AS4 armoured personnel carriers training at Puckapunyal. Twenty-eight of the type have been prepared to ship to Ukraine. Photo by Corporal Steve Duncan.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said this latest package of support demonstrated that Ukraine could count on Australia.

“We support international efforts to ensure Putin’s aggression fails and that Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity prevails,” Mr Albanese said.

“Australia is unwavering in our resolve to condemn and oppose Russia’s actions and to help Ukraine achieve victory.

“This assistance will help Ukraine defend and support itself against Russia’s illegal, immoral and unprovoked invasion.

“Australia has stood with Ukraine since Russia’s brutal invasion 16 months ago.”

Mr Albanese said his government was continuing to work with the government of Ukraine to provide assistance that addresses Ukraine’s needs and complemented support provided by other partners.

“This package responds to Ukraine’s requests for vehicles and ammunition, and will make a tangible difference on the battlefield,” he said.

However, not everyone was impressed by the announced package – with former Major General Mick Ryan calling it an embarrassment and a shemozzle.

“The package announced yesterday diminishes us as a nation,” Mr Ryan said in an ABC interview.

“Frankly, it has the appearance of a package that’s rolled out to keep critics quiet.

“Nothing in there will be tremendously helpful, even though Ukraine will always be grateful for every skerrick of assistance that’s provided.

“But, at the end of the day, the [Australian] government has pretty much ignored Ukraine’s real requirements and provided a package that a banana republic might provide.”

The package announced by the government yesterday includes 28 M113 armoured personnel carriers, 14 special-operations vehicles (undisclosed type), and 28 MAN 40M medium trucks with 14 trailers – as well as an undisclosed quantity of 105mm artillery ammunition, plus $10million to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, who manage the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund.

In addition, Mr Albanese said Australia would extend duty-free access for goods imported from Ukraine for a further 12 months, to support its recovery and trade opportunities.

“These commitments bring Australia’s total contribution in support of Ukraine to $790million, including $610million in military assistance.

Defence Minister Richard Marles said Ukraine had highlighted the utility of Australian vehicles on the battlefield and this package would continue to support Ukrainians on the front line.

Mr Ryan, however, blamed an “extraordinarily risk-averse Department of Defence, who are experts in saying no” for an embarrassing package that included nothing of what Ukraine specifically asked for.








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20 thoughts on ““Banana Republic” pledges another $110million aid package to Ukraine

  • 12/07/2023 at 5:54 pm

    WHY? If countries stop pouring weapons into this cluster of a war it would come to an end and people would stop dying. Anyone else think that is a good idea?

  • 03/07/2023 at 1:38 pm

    We should be staying right out of this sht Show and to say that Russia Attacked Ukraine “Unprovoked” is a Joke ! Ukraine had over 8 years to end the conflict in the Disputed Territories but they didnt they recruited ultra left wing outright and open Nazi units to wage war on its own citizens in the disputed territories to the tune of Murdering over 16,000+ Civilians openly targeting civilian concentrated areas with airstrikes and Artillery but Australia was silent about this even then ! But the final straw for Russia was when Ukraine made overtures to join NATO something which everyone had agreed not to do in 1991 when the Soviet Union broke up ! so you reckon that Russia had no Justification to enter into conflict with Ukraine i say codswallop !!! And the list of War Crimes that Ukrainian Soldiers have proudly been a party to is staggering many hundreds of videos have been posted of them beating and shooting dead Surrendered POWs and yes Russia as well but at a massively lower rate !! How many Ukrainian Soldiers has the ADF trained that will go on to commit War Crimes which make us guilty by extension ! so after a Plandemic that has sent us broke we give Ukraine almost $800 Million Dollars in aid both in Cash and Military Hardware thereby degrading our own military capabilities. We have no Dog in this fight and now Warmongers like Penny Wrong are talking and wanting to send boots on the ground do you see how they drag us into the next world war ? This is why Politicians should have no say in decisions like War or Conflicts we the Citizens of Australia should have the final say and not 200 brought and paid for WEF Globalists in Federal Parliament. Our Ancestor Diggers would hang their heads in collective shame in our involvement in Ukraine and i don’t give a Sht whether you agree with me or not its my opinion

  • 03/07/2023 at 11:44 am

    …. former Major General Mick Ryan calling it an embarrassment and a shemozzle.
    “Nothing in there will be tremendously helpful…”
    Ask any infanteer if armoured protection with its superior mobility and comms is trivial and you’ll be mocked – amd rightly so.
    There also a test of proportionality: how much does a modest-sized nation provide from its limited resources?

  • 03/07/2023 at 8:24 am

    Here is my comment.

    Anyone who calls themselves an ex-service person and is prepared to stand back and see a country like Ukraine be invaded drew their service salary under false pretenses and either never had or has lost any sense of decency.

    As far as the M113 is concerned, I guess most of the adverse commentary comes from those who have no broader vision. The vehicles don’t have to be used in a direct combat role, even though they have combat capability. If they are only used as reconnaissance, liaison, supply or medical support, then that is a real capability.

    And who cares if we have no use for the 105mm ammunition. You would have to be yhr classic ‘dog in a manger’ not to give that ammunition to someone who can use it. I never met this chap Mick but he seems to have an absolute glass half empty perspective.

    Australia is past master at acquiring equipment it never deploys operationally. The Abrams tank and the Tiger helicopter are classic examples. So we can sit and stocktake our equipment, and oil it regularly, or put it to use.

    But sitting back as fat heads and criticising stuff above your pay grade doesnt help,

    • 03/07/2023 at 11:34 am

      Interesting take you have there Dave!

      Regarding your first paragraph.
      I’d have to agree my sense of decency has been up for discussion most of my life, though it’s hardly relevant to this discussion regarding Australia’s Political and Strategic Policies.
      I do think I did earn my pay as an Australian Infantryman.
      It’s not an easy gig, especially when Dickheads decide whether we get to live or die, depending on what the Americans tell them.

      Your second paragraph leaves me VERY confused that you don’t consider ”reconnaissance, liaison, supply or medical support” being Combat duties.
      Which Military and what Role did you serve in?
      I and many other have already stated it is State sponsored murder to go up against the R.F. Forces in M113’s.
      The figures from Oryx show 36 x M113’s and Crews, and 4 of Australia’s M113AS4’s and Crews destroyed, plus 1 x M113AS4 CAPTURED and transported to Moscow.
      The buckets just made juicy and easy targets in a 21st Century Battlefield, that’s why we would NEVER allow Australian Soldiers to use them again.
      Because it is murder.

      In your third paragraph, what you call a ” glass half empty perspective.”, others might call ”realism’, a state sadly lacking in this debate.

      I partially agree with your 4th paragraph, though it really is ”protection money” we’re paying for with the Abrams and Tigers.
      We know they are useless and irrelevant, it’s just we have to keep in thrall to the U.S./ European M.I.C. by regular contributions.

      Finally, ”criticising stuff above your pay grade doesnt help,”, really strikes me as defeatist and a rather anti-intellectual stance.
      You don’t feel we should think for ourselves?
      You have complete faith in decisions made by others for you?
      You’re not one for healthy public debate on important issues then?

      Thanks again Dave for your input, I hope you can clarify some of my concerns with your post and we can find some more to agree upon.



      • 03/07/2023 at 3:10 pm

        I agree. I also feel the ability for Australians to think critically about issues is either lost due to some clear degradation of intelligence and intellectual ability amongst our population (environmental may well be the cause) and indeed a strange lack of true freedom has been welcomed in exchange for ‘security’. There are folks that perhaps know this but after being duped for so many years with some of the best propaganda practices and techniques it’s hard for them to ever come back to their own conclusions. They do prefer to be told what to think and do. They then of course turn on anyone else that dares awaken them from this fairytale they’ve become comfortable within. I’d say having the name Michael (one of the world’s most popular names for boys at wine point) doesn’t help as I’ve noted being a Michael who may have challenged a certain opinion above. At the end of the day : “Australia is unwavering in our resolve to condemn and oppose Russia’s actions and to help Ukraine achieve victory. “This assistance will help Ukraine defend and support itself against Russia’s illegal, immoral and unprovoked invasion…”.
        If Mr Hudson truly believes what he has written about those of us who have served the country then perhaps he’s lost his understanding of what being an Aussie man once meant. Just because you have chosen a profession to serve that doesn’t mean you can’t disagree based on your own personal views and experiences. I’d suggest if you’ve got no knowledge of European affairs and with name like Hudson, I’d be willing to suggest he has little, because I’ve got staunch Ukrainian friends and colleagues who all know exactly what happened in the near decade preceding this operation by the Ruskies. Illegal – please, who wins writes the rules or those whom are or what is elected.
        Immoral – geez, that’s the ‘potcalling the kettle’ something far worse than ‘black’ .
        Unprovoked – seriously? You can’t simply deny what’s happening and had happened in the east of Ukraine, to the significant (Majority) of Russian peoples. It was a war crime committed by the Ukrainians forces (backed by the US – to its own detriment).
        Why have we lost perspective?
        Why have we lost the ability to check out the other side of the story. It’s much better to pay attention years ago if you wish to really help understand this mess. But I can guarantee you, there is only one way to sort it now. To accept the truth – and realise that this isn’t what our media has been force feeding us. Take it from people who’ve no allegiance to either sides. I’m aware of our wanting to be in the gang but that’s different when they start to become gangsters. When have we ever been given the other side of this story like we used to be given nearly in every instance, 30 years ago. You would get a different story depending on which paper you were reading. This was helpful as we all knew the truth was perhaps in there somewhere.

        It seems like complete ignorance and stupidity that we would be sending weapons to a country, number 1 in corruption, to fight Russia. I pray we are forgiven for our actions to not have the spine to differ on issues with the US anymore. I sometimes figure we may as well just join them and become American. At least we are then behaving with some authenticity. Never forget, we were great and remain great allies to the US and we’ve been with them plenty of times to not have to worry about them not trusting us. Menzies I believe said, yep, we are with you but not up to Taiwan. Downer screwed this all up I believe with a misplaced comment and we’ve somehow now gotten in an adversary relationship with China now too. We need to be able to look after our own interests not just the US. Interesting how we’ve all now been trained to attack our own that simply speaks for the Australian people and country.

    • 03/07/2023 at 1:43 pm

      If you think Ukraine is the Good Guy in this Conflict you have absorbed the Copium Propaganda Hard out my Friend ! lol

  • 03/07/2023 at 8:03 am

    Don’t have to !! We are doing it here in Aust !! ( Govt ) ?????????????????? Not our supposed WAR anyway !! Looking after Big Brother againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!

  • 02/07/2023 at 9:24 pm

    Australia under Labour’s socialist appeasement means a miserable contribution to Ukraine’s determination to repel a vicious dictatorship.
    The contribution by Australia is an insult in the face of billions being spent on issues that don’t address international threats from Russia and China.

    • 03/07/2023 at 10:50 am

      G’day James.

      Thanks for your input, even it’s hard to follow, and wrong, dead wrong.

      Firstly, Australia’s LABOR (check the spelling) Government has made the largest contribution to Ukraine of any non-N.A.T.O. Country in the World, so you can educate yourself on that one!

      Regarding your second sentence, I had a few others read it too, and we’re all struggling to make sense of it.
      So you’re saying, it’s bad we’re spending too much money on Australian families instead of Warring with Russia and China?
      If so, we’ll disagree on that too!



  • 02/07/2023 at 6:31 pm

    Michael McNamara,
    Well said cobber! I’m with you.
    As a former soldier I believe we have no place being involved with this needless war on the other side of the globe. We should not be providing aid to Ukraine, nor provide training to their forcefully conscripted troops. The sooner this war ends the better for all. The needless killing must end. The public have been lied to about this conflict for years. The current government of Ukraine (followers of the Nazi Stepan Bandera) have been shelling and killing ethnic Russian Ukrainians in the East since 2014.
    On a matter closer to home, let’s all pray the US does not lead our political leaders into conflict with the PRC over Taiwan.

    • 03/07/2023 at 8:31 am

      Sending equipment, money, training to possibly the most corrupt country and government on the planet , in a conflict which is none of our business is insane. As a veteran all this does is out a target on our backs. You forgot to mention drones that can carry 5 kg bombs on them. That we also sent. The money wasted could if been better spent here, on our own people’s welfare. You want to help them, stay out of it and stop sending things to prolong the war and kill more people.

  • 02/07/2023 at 4:52 pm

    Agreed with Michael McNamara. That money could well have been used here in Australia instead of being sent overseas, and just why aren’t those European countries helping out more than what they are?

  • 28/06/2023 at 9:21 pm

    Ukrainians before Australians!!

    That’s what this latest Tranche of protection money to Europe’s Freedumb Fighters proves.

    Thousands of AUSTRALIAN families are living in tents and caravans and we give money to others first?

    Those of us living in N.S.W. Northern Rivers have been short changed $600 Million in the Flood Properties Buyback Scheme, which matches EXACTLY the amount we are sending for Regime change in Russia.

    Because we so need to be in a Hybrid War with a Nuclear Super Power on the other side of the World!

    Neutrality for Australia.

    • 02/07/2023 at 4:45 pm

      Your constant defeatest jabbering is almost a parody of what we were all trained to look out for.

      Lord Haw Haw reborn.

      • 02/07/2023 at 5:25 pm

        Cheers Jo B, thanks for your input.

        So what ‘training’ are you talking about?

        I’m ex-Australian Infantry and most of my training is still in there somewhere, but I don’t recall any ‘training’ about ‘defeatest jabbering’.

        I’d be grateful if you could explain about this ‘training’ we ‘all’ received, and perhaps then we could discuss the matter at hand?


        DUTY FIRST.

    • 03/07/2023 at 7:02 am

      Go join your Commie mates in Russia and China

      • 03/07/2023 at 10:35 am

        Dear Anonymous.

        Here a News Flash for the slow learners.

        The Russian Communist Party has been the minority and in opposition for over 20 years.

        The Russian Federation is a Democratic Free Market Society.

        Please update your insults and ripostes to be relevant in the 21st Century!


        • 07/07/2023 at 3:56 am

          Russia is democratic in name only, anyone trying to oppose Putin winds up with a dose of poison, in prison or both. It is telling that every former soviet republic has a bunch of Russians who wish to breakaway and call on Moscow to come to their rescue. They have done it in Ukraine which has always opposed Russia which is not strange given that Stalin committed the greatest mass genocide in the world against the Ukrainians prior to WW2, Moldavia, the Baltic states all so they had an excuse to invade. All free countries should oppose Russian agression and their feeble excuses for invasion to save their pre planted proxies.

          • 08/07/2023 at 12:09 pm

            Geez Dave, have a whinge why don’t you?

            You really seem stuck 40 years ago in the Cold War, and it’s about time you educated yourself that it’s NOW The Russian Federation, NOT The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

            The Russian Federation has zero interest in Western Europe, and who sensibly would in that festering pile of squabbling and de-industrialised Eurotrash?

            The R.F. is rapidly, happily, profitably and permanently decoupling from Europe and turning East and South toward Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

            The R.F. knows B.R.I.C.’s and the S.C.O. are the way forward in the 21st Century, and the E.U., N.A.T.O. and 5 Eyes are all in the rear-view mirror and good riddance too!

            You seem stuck parroting the the irrelevant, out-dated, hysterical wailing’s of forgotten, unimportant entities stuck in a 20th Century echo-chamber, and your post is more relevant to 1983 than to 2023.

            You’re on the wrong side of History, and would be better concerned with the decaying Political, Economic and Social systems we in the West now live in.

            Neutrality for Australia!


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