There are those in this great country, who stand out in a crowd
And overcome adversity, to make our nation proud
So I guess it had to happen, but with the thought I’d never toyed
When I found out on that fateful day, that you had been deployed

I remember well when you were born, and your tiny form I nurse
Though I loved the ones that followed, you will always be the first
You faced so many heart breaks that pierced you to the core
But I always saw the way ahead, for I’d been down that road before

You served in far off places, not always in the news
Trading the latest fashion, for boots and DPU’s
When I see the photographs, it fills my soul with pride
I hope you’ll gain some comfort, knowing my spirit is by your side

You never took a backward step, as you blazed a pioneer’s trail
Hardships tried to bar your path, but I knew you’d never fail
There must have been some heartache, when you flew across the foam
For though you had a duty, you left your husband and son at home

With the help of comrades, you’ll never be alone
For distance can be a curse, when you are on your own
A heavenly force will care for you, watching from above
Till the day when you return, to the ones that you love

You tell me not to worry, but it’s my maternal right
For there’s no other option, when loved ones are out of sight
I know your faith will keep you strong, for the time you’re serving there
So I give to you this special gift, it’s called a Mothers Prayer


24 January 2016


FILE PHOTO: ‘T-wall’ art in Tarin Kot, Afghanistan. Photo by Brian Hartigan








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