The Choco

They all called us “Chocos”, cause we’d melt in the battle’s heat

Yet we were sent in harms’ way, when our nation faced defeat

A Militia Corps barely trained, we left Port Moresby town

To perform a soldier’s duty, for country and for crown


Our boots they rotted to our feet, our greens just tattered rags

As we inched slowly forward, to scale those sodden crags

For the generals who had mocked us, should have been there to see

The spectre of death, that hid behind every tree


Isurava and Shaggy Ridge, are names known to a few

But from the jungles and raging fords, an Aussie legend grew

Within the sight of Moresby town, we halted this deadly affair

While back home in Australia, no one seemed to care


My descendants now scale those heights, that took a deadly toll

They have not heard the rifle fire, REMEMBRANCE their only goal

My mortal bones now rest in peace, but my spirit wanders back

To join again that band of ghosts, who still walk the Kokoda Track


By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton
5 July 2017


FILE PHOTO: By Warrant Officer Class Two Gary Ramage.





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