A Hymn written and sung for the final Chapel Service of OP ANODE in 2013


Celebrated in GBR Chapel, Solomon Islands, the last Worship Service of OP ANODE Sunday 28 July 2013
I wrote and we sang the following Hymn to Mark the End of CTF635 – 10 Year Mission


God walks with us through all of our lives’ journeys.
Through all life’s paths, we have a faithful guide.
God is our strength, so we will not grow weary.
In God we hope, and in God’s love abide.
No matter where we wander in our journeys,
The Lord, our God, is always at our side.

At mission close we thank God for the 10 years
For what we’ve done contributing to peace
For all our colleagues come from different Nations
We’ve served with pride, commitment to the cause
RAMSI goes on, supporting local efforts
We take our leave, and celebrate this news.

One fine young man, PTE Jamie Clarke was lost
Doing his job, patrolling with his mates
Our hearts are sad, as we recall this history
You know of this, paying the ultimate cost
But friends in God are always joined together
so sadness mellows, souls find their release.

In uniform, we’ve served on each rotation
Under your lead, we’ve worked to join as one.
Friendships are formed and some will be long lasting
As we recall the good things that we’ve done
Forgive our failures when we’ve lost our focus
And see us home, restored to those we love.

We pray a stable healthy prosperous future
That Happy Isles be bound with love’s strong ties
For friends in God are bound with hopes and dreams
Raise up your Church to champion this cause
Your Spirit guide and bless this Nation’s future
May it do well not needing us in green.

This is our prayer, O God of all our journeys
A prayer of love, for those both far and near
In Christ unite humanity for service
And give us peace through laughter and through tears
O hear our prayer, O God of all our journeys
Remove our doubts and take away our fears.


By Chaplain Mark J Dunn
Tune: TiS 614 ‘Finlandia’





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