Of all the flags which have been flown
And still are yet to be
I think the one which is our own
As fine as we may see.

Within its background field of blue,
Though in my mind’s own eye,
Are distant hills of bluish hue
Against an azure sky.

The Southern Cross above which gleams
So bright in southern skies
An icon’s been since time of dreams
And on our flag it flies.

The Federation Star relates
Our national unity
The points are territ’ries and states
A nation proud and free.

The Union Flag is also shown
Our British legacy
From which our law and way have grown
Free speech, democracy.

‘Men died’ some say for this our flag,
To me this makes no sense
No people died for just a rag
But what it represents.

Our flag has beauty, history,
Long may it still declare
With pride the message all can see
“Advance Australia Fair”.


By Mel Austin


FILE PHOTO: Spectators wave Australian Flags as they watch a Reserve Forces Day March in Sydney. Photo by Leading Seaman Yuri Ramsey.





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