Unlikely birthday celebration after clean-up

While 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery (1 Regt), were providing relief and clean-up operations during Operation Flood Assist 2022 last weekend on Bribie Island, they were informed by some other residents they were helping that nearby resident Beverly, was also in need of some help.

CAPTION: Soldiers from 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, assisted Bribie Island resident Beverly with clean-up around her home as part of Operation Flood Assist 2022 before helping celebrate her 91st birthday.

1 Regt officer Lieutenant Charles Davies said Beverly’s house was in a bad way when they arrived.

“When we arrived, it was clear that she needed some help,” Lieutenant Davies said.

“Beverly’s home on Bribie Island had water through sections of it, up to 30cm high, which was now sitting stagnant in her back yard and not flowing away.

“The gunners did what they do best, they got stuck in and cleaned up her house.

“After a few hours of working at her home, Beverly let slip that it was actually her 91st birthday.”

The unit quickly hatched a plan to acquire a birthday cake.

“Once the work was done, we had a small celebration for her birthday,” Lieutenant Davies said.

“This definitely made her day after what was a difficult few days.”

Beverly showed her appreciation of the efforts of the unit.

At the celebration the unit learnt that her late husband was a special forces officer who retired as a lieutenant colonel and served through WW2, the Korean War and Vietnam War, before passing away in 2005.

Beverly herself served as a civilian administrator for 23 years with 9th Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment.





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