Army paves the way in Gympie and surrounds

Soldiers from Brisbane’s 7th Brigade answered a resident’s call for help in Imbil, Queensland, as part Operation Flood Assist 2022.

CAPTION: An Army officer from 7th Brigade carries sandbags across a flooded section of trail to repair flood-damaged access tracks in Imbil, Queensland, as part of Operation Flood Assist 2022. Story by Flight Lieutenant Tanya Carter. Photo by Corporal Julia Whitwell.

A week of torrential rainfall had ravaged the main entrance to her property, cutting her off from the world.

A 70-strong detachment of combat engineers and infantrymen worked through extreme heat and humidity, filling sandbags and trekking wheelbarrow loads of rock and aggregate through muddy trails.

Although away from family and friends at this time, 6RAR rifleman Private John Wadey remains in good spirits enjoying the disaster relief support he and his mates have been able to provide to the Gympie community.

“I personally think it’s great to come out to help,” Sapper Wadey said.

“We’ve got family friends up here in Gympie and I’ve been coming here all my life.

“To be able to give back to a community that’s essentially a second home is really good.”

CAPTION: Army soldier Sapper Edward Robinson from 7th Brigade reinforces a bridge across a creek crossing in Imbil, Queensland, as part of Operation Flood Assist 2022. Photo by Corporal Julia Whitwell. 

The works included repairing the dirt driveway and reinforcing an access bridge, restoring property access for the resident and her neighbours.

Other stranded locals had used a fire trail on the property to navigate around flood-affected roads, after a large section of their street was washed out by floodwaters.

Humbled by the assistance provided by the ADF, Bernard Gosset and other locals arrived early on Sunday morning to surprise the troops with a fresh batch of donuts and hot sausage rolls to show their appreciation.

“On behalf of the whole community, we are very appreciative of your work here, thank you,” Mr Gosset said.

The ADF continues to send troops to the worst flood affected areas.





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