Break Hide!

Shots ring out disturbing the night
You sit upright all composed without signs of fright
Trying to get into that seat with as little fuss as you can
Grabbing your boots as you go forward in a well-rehearsed plan
A challenge at night, as those of you that know
Bashing your knees; hip; shoulders; and, head as you go
You lean on the post; and, steady the seat
A balancing act when you’re still half asleep

Turn on the “Master Switch” the lights glow red
So spreading out a rag, you lay them to bed
Still looking to the left you feel out to the right
Ensuring the “engine cut off” is pushed in tight
Then check “Neutral” is selected in darkness by feel
Ready for “start-up” behind two laterals, not a steering wheel
With your boots loosely on; and, helmet now fitted
Against an enemy out in the darkness, you are pitted

You talk on the intercom to report that you’re “ready”
Your left thumb hovers over the start button poised firm but steady
“Wait! Wait! Start-up!” you hear from above all the sounds
As a Call Sign behind “Opens up” with .30 calibre firing blank rounds
Then the roar of the V6 Detroit Diesel as it comes alive
So you get settled in ready to go for a little drive…

By Spent Cartridge
(ex – Black Hat – Cav)





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Posted by Brian Hartigan

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