Black Hawks retired – who knew?

Army’s last remaining Black Hawk helicopters have retired – and I didn’t know.

Was I asleep at the wheel/keyboard?

Just now, I’ve searched and searched and can find no announcement about this retirement.

But this story from February clearly shows the Black Hawk still operating on a commando-training activity – and this story shows them overflying a commemoration service for the 1996 Black Hawk crash, in June this year.

Yet today – Army held a parade at Russell Offices to upgrade Army Aviation from a brigade to a ‘Command’ with a major-general at its head, and listed Army’s current, in-service helicopter fleet as Boeing CH-47F Chinook, Eurocopter Tiger armed reconnaissance helicopter, NH Industries MRH90 Taipan multi-role helicopter and leased civil light utility helicopters – but no Black Hawks, even though there were two in the parade flyover!

How’s an editor supposed to keep up?

Aw well – they were a bloody great bit of kit. It’s just so sad to see them fade into obscurity without fanfare or announcement.

But wait – word just in that The Military Shop has just launched a beautiful range of official Army Black Hawk memorabilia.

So, if you are a Black Hawk fan, head on over to this Black Hawk page and buy, buy, buy to say goodbye to the venerable Black Hawk.


EDITOR’S NOTE: A small commission from every sale comes back to support your favourite military magazine – CONTACT 😉





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