The Final Judgement

He was just a lad when his luck ran out and he fell in mortal sleep

While a world away a mother’s prayer begged God his soul to keep

His spirit was heavy with his woe as he journeyed from this life

For at his final judgement he knew he’d be in strife


The good Lord opened up a book that held the soldiers name

And all his sins were listed there so he hung his head in shame

“You were christened David Anthony and no matter how hard I search

It seems that was the only time you’d ever been to church”


God read out the Ten Commandments the digger knew what was at stake

For the ones hadn’t not broken he’d given a good shake

But there was one law he had obeyed in the army he’d been taught

To always keep the eleventh one and that was ‘don’t get caught’


But caught you were my wayward one by He who watches all

For I see each child take its first breath and every sparrow fall

“Well that’s it then’ the soldier sighed ‘I’m heading down below’

But God smiled and said “At ease young man there’s something you should



I saw the tears in your padre’s eyes when he blessed your bloodstained husk

And your soul marched to eternity as the bugle mourned at dusk

Your brave deed to save a mate was the greatest sacrifice

So he could return to his wife and kids you paid the highest price


I had a son who walked the earth and died to save mankind

So to give your life for a fellow man is the purest love you’ll find

Now walk on through these pearly gates and raise your head with pride

For all your friends who’ve gone before you’ll find them all inside


By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton





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