No Tears Dad

He doesn’t show his tears
As he brings the kids around
The terminal loudspeakers yell
All passengers boarding now.

She looks so damn impressive in her freshly pressed fatigues
His warrior shield-maiden
Can bring him to his knees. 

She glances back and gives that look, and blows them all a kiss
She doesn’t show her tears, doesn’t want them all to miss – 

The after school time pick ups
Playful squabbles in the car
She’s heading to a danger zone, away from them so far. 

She thinks though maybe
just the once,
why won’t he show he’s sad?
But she doesn’t hear the whisper,
‘Why are you crying Dad?’ 

By Angus Green



FILE PHOTO: Families wave goodbye as HMAS Melbourne departs Sydney for a Middle East deployment in 2012. RAN photo.





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