Laundry day at CONTACT HQ – Part 1

After months – nay, more than a year – of working to improve my workshop, along comes a ‘proper project’.

Rosie asked me to “Just put in a couple of shelves in the corner of the laundry.

But that quickly morphed (at my suggestion) into a half-room makeover.

This is the first of what will probably be a three-part series that – if I do say so myself – turned out pretty darned nice.


Part 2 of this build here
Part 3 coming soon


Make-n-Do is the CONTACT Editor’s personal ‘playlist’ on the CONTACT YouTube Channel, where the philosophy is making do with the tools and materiel I have and making and doing as an escape from the computer (though, ironically, the video editing then ties me to the computer for almost as many hours as I spent Make-n-Do in the shed in the first place ? )


Also on the CONTACT YouTube Channel





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