The Imposter

You’ll see him brace the bar at times, though he’ll very rarely shout

Spinning all his fairy tales, thinking he won’t get caught out

In the art of living lies, this one knows his game

The military imposter, the one who knows no shame


Some medals that he dares to wear, were never won by him

And he’s added the odd one or two, colloquially known as tin

Down throughout the decades, his lying never stops

He’ll say he can’t provide the proof, they were always “secret ops”


Clearance diver, SAS, he only picks the best

He never shows any guilt, for the deceit upon his chest

He’ll bore you with his long past deeds and take you for a fool

He was out there fighting, when he should have been at school


If you ever challenge him, ‘cause you know his facts aren’t true

He’ll say he has to make a call, or dash the “loo”

He always states that he’ll be back, but only god knows when

For you’ll know one thing’s for certain, you won’t see him again


Sadly things will never change and I think it’s a disgrace

For every imposter that is revealed, another takes his place

Some people just can’t help themselves, as delusions will run rife

Wannabees and wankers, are now a part of life


Now in the stillness of the dawn, when we bow our heads and pray

And remember our brave fallen, in the mist of ANZAC Day

For there’s one award we all salute, not of a coward’s pallor

It’s a crimson ribbon rarely seen. With a cross that states “FOR    VALOUR”.


By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton
21 February 2014









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One thought on “The Imposter

  • 05/10/2020 at 3:01 pm

    Too true…..I reckon we have all come across them at some stage.


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