AVIATOR  (they can’t be bloody serious)

After 30 years in the RAAF, I thought I’d heard the lot

And there are times I’m sure, someone has lost the plot

In the quest for progress, I’ve been an agitator

But never in my wildest dreams, would I call myself “Aviator”


Everyone is “touchy feely” and one thing you may still find frightening

When we went into battle, we let the officers do the fighting

No more parades, or panic nights, they no longer polish floors

Guard duty, a thing of the past, because “civies” do those chores


You can’t call them airmen, “that man!”, troops or erks

Changes just for changes sake, that’s the thing that irks

It’s sure to make “the shellbacks”, roll over in their grave

An insult to the thousands and the service that they gave


There are those who think that bivouacs, should be held on powered sites

With electric blankets, to ward off frosty nights

No more ration packs, just pre-ordered take-away

When the need is urgent, we hope there’s no delay


Some believe the term should be reserved, for those with a brevet

And from the sister services, they’re bound to cop a spray

That’s not something new, especially from the grunts

Don’t take them too serious, they’re just a bunch of @%$&s (rude people)


One thing that I have heard, and it’s bound to cause some rancour

Whoever thought this one up, must have been a right royal wanker

I’m a stickler for tradition and it really makes me nervous

How many changes can they make and remain a military service


There is one fact that I know and I’m proud to state

For one hundred years, we’ve fought above our weight

I realise my comments, may offend the meek

So just get off your high horse, or turn the other cheek


By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton
11 June 2021
Finished about an hour ago



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CAPTION: Raising the RAAF Ensign at Commonwealth Place on 31 March 2021. Photo by Lannon Harley.





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