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Reading contact via the web is annoying as the magazine does not flow flow – you must go back to the index or email to read the next article.

Are you able to download each release of the magazine in a .pdf file?

Perhaps this can already be done and I cannot see the appropriate button to download.

Thanks, Iain


Hi Iain,

Thank you for your interest.

The only way your query makes sense to me is if you are referring to the ‘newsletter’ that was sent via email today.

The newsletter is not ‘CONTACT magazine’. You can find the latest issue of CONTACT magazine here, with a link to the downloadable .pdf immediately below the page-flip magazine.

As for the newsletter sent today – there should be a link to ‘View in browser’ at the very top of the email.

Though, to be honest, this will only open ‘the index’ as you call it in a browser window – you will still be directed back and forth from ‘index’ to story.

That’s just the nature of any electronic ‘newsletter’.

BTW, CONTACT magazine is published only 4 times per year (because it takes so much work to lay it out in the format you may be seeking), and we send a newsletter every Sunday – news-news today and every second Sunday after, and people-focused next Sunday etc etc.

Thanks for being a subscriber. I sincerely hope the annoyance you feel with the newsletter isn’t sufficient to lose you.


Brian Hartigan





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