Supporting WA following Tropical Cyclone Seroja

Following Tropical Cyclone Seroja, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is providing support to cyclone-affected communities of Western Australia. This support is being provided following a request from the WA Government and Emergency Management Australia.

CAPTION: Sergeant John Braken (left) and Corporal Amber Nichols observe the loading of a C-130J Hercules at RAAF Base Pearce as part of Defence’s support to the WA Government following Tropical Cyclone. Photo by Petty Officer Yuri Ramsey.

On April 12, a C-130J Hercules military transport aircraft was relocated from RAAF Base Richmond to RAAF Base Pearce with an ADF Medical Crisis Assessment Team, allowing it to be in place to support to the WA Government.

The C-130J is providing support to emergency services through the movement of personnel and supplies to communities in need, including food, water and generators. It will also be capable of moving casualties back to civilian hospitals for treatment, if required.

On April 13, the C-130J transported eight emergency services personnel and two vehicles from RAAF Base Perth to Geraldton assist cyclone-affected communities.

A damage assessment team of six personnel from Army’s Perth-based 13th Brigade and Pilbara regiment has travelled to Kalbarri and is liaising with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).

Over 50 ADF personnel are expected to be in Geraldton to support DFES with a range of tasks including opening roads, basic infrastructure assessments and movement of personnel and equipment.

Defence has a range of capabilities able to support state and territory-led response relief and recovery operations, which are provided through Defence Assistance to the Civil Community processes.

Defence is proud to continue to support Australian communities during times of need.

 Yuri Ramsay

CAPTION: Corporal Caroline Thomas briefs Peter Austin from the SES on the loading procedure of vehicles into a C-130J Hercules at RAAF Base Pearce. Photo by Yuri Ramsay, 






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