Ode to our leaders fine

Welcome home parade

Ode to the Chief of the Defence Force; the Minister for Defence and the Prime Minister of Australia

We weren’t no Afghan ’eroes, paradin’ in our kit,
The pollies slinking in and out, to puff us up a bit.
But Bruce got f#@ed and Jim messed up and Billy, he got hit;
And after all those back-to-backs, our minds were shot to shit.

The Taliban’s set free now, and givin’ us the arse;
But we got a welcome home alright; from the pollies and the brass:
‘Thank you Digger’; ‘nice one Digger’; an’ ‘Digger you’re so fine’;
‘But you’re a murdering little bastard, when my career is on the line.’


By Jim Richards



FILE PHOTO (2014): Commanding Officer of Combined Team Uruzgan Rotation Four, Colonel Simon Stuart, leads his unit during the welcome home parade in Darwin. Photo by Corporal Bill Solomon.






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One thought on “Ode to our leaders fine

  • 30/05/2021 at 1:27 pm

    The new climate change fighting, 57 gender, non-lethal, woke LGBTIQWERTY, social justice military that is keeping the Chinese Generals awake at night …


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