Our leaders of tomorrow

You, precious youth, are our nation’s future
Look back beyond yesterday to unfold true history
Explorers seeking beyond distant rugged ranges so blue
The aborigine, the First Fleet, convicts in chains and misery
The first raising of our flag, flood, fire drought and ANZACS true

A flame so fiery bright, forging a spirit of Australia, embracing all
Banjo, Henry and Dorothea penning proud pages for all to read
A big brown land where secret ballots and women’s emancipation were the call
While a rigid, blind old world slept; our alert young nation scattered priceless seed

Listen carefully; for our past tells us to seize every day
To ensure freedom and contentment for all who follow
Bright beacons of faith, love and trust to show the way
Fueled by yesterday’s lessons of life for all our nation’s tomorrows


By George Mansford
© April 2021


With thanks and many salutes for the inspiration from the teachers, students and of Innisfail State College and St Mary’s College, Cairns.


CAPTION: Members of Australia’s Overwatch Battle Group–West get ready to participate in an ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Talil, Iraq, 2008. Photo by Brian Hartigan.





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