The Lord casts his net, both far and wide, to those who feel they’re lost

When the ways of this modern world, comes at too great a cost

But someone was always there, when we chose to serve the flag

Father Mac, our Padre, whose support would never lag


Everyone was equal, regardless of rank or station

The only trophy he ever sought, was your soul’s salvation

When you fought the demons, carried in your pack

It was reassuring, to see him down the track.


His care was truly boundless, in a pastoral sense

Sending all the good news, down the lines of our defence

When haunted by the demons, that tried to bar your path

He was ever ready, to call upon God’s wrath


He knew the tricks of his trade and how to pull the wool

When he called a church parade, the pews were always full

Not all were of his faith, but their fervour did not lack

For in order to get the punters in, he’d put a keg on out the back


My parents often told me, that gambling was a sin

But he knew every winner and somehow backed it in

He dearly loved his rugby league, what side didn’t always matter

He just cheered for every side, that was playing Parramatta


He was the one who brought the bad news, the dreaded knock upon the door

Somehow you always knew, what he was there for

Some soft words of compassion, for all those left alone

Taking time to ensure, you were not on your own


He never shouted Alleluia, or waved his hands up in the air

Ever meek and humble, when you were in his care

Weddings, parades and funerals and babies left to Christen

But what was more important, he took the time to listen


A guiding light to all of us, in this vale of tears

A close friend and confidant for over forty years

We have long forgotten, the words of his Sunday spiel

But we will always remember, the way he made us feel


Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton 
19 February 2021






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