The stench of dope and castor oil, no longer smelt today

As small fragile bi-planes, rose above Port Phillip Bay

A daring band of warriors, returned from the Western Front

Only too familiar, to the dangers, they would confront


The dreams of “Dickie” Williams and others who were wise

Wanted their own air force, to rule Australian skies

At first it wasn’t easy, when those plans were made

Inter-service jealousy said they’d never make the grade


Through hard times of the Depression, they knew what was in store

When the world was plunged into, another all out war

The free world was unprepared and was overwhelmed

To fight on against all odds, they were now compelled


Under manned and under armed, they knew what was at stake

Nations that fell like dominoes, they would not forsake

The Yanks finally came on board and joined them in the fray

They built s new alliance, that still survives today


Korea and Vietnam, names known from the past

A tragic reminder, that peace will never last

Yet there were other tasks, which put on extra strain

Floods, fires and earthquakes, saw their roles were not in vain


“Lest we forget” our heroes, who rolled the deadly dice

All those men and women, who paid the supreme price

Not a fake amongst them, no imposters or “poo bahs’



By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton
1 March 2021


FILE PHOTO: A RAAF heritage formation at the RAAF Base Amberley Airshow 2008 – Mustang, Vampire, Meteor, Hawk, Hornet. Photo by Brian Hartigan.





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