Will battalions’ order of battle be adjusted to reflect LAND 400?


In line with the Land 400 vehicle acquisitions there appears to be a need to realign other associated factors in their deployment.

What steps are being taken to revise the ‘force’ posture of the mounted elements (6 per vehicle) carried as this seems to be a revision of section/squad size and hence this will have an overall effect on boots on the ground after a dismount.

Is the composition and tactics of infantry elements being significantly modified at section/platoon and company level to accommodate the size limitations on what each vehicle can carry?

Along with this, the structure of Troop and Squadron armoured unit size and tactics will also need consideration to provide the right force level and posture at any given time and place?

Will battalions’ etc order of battle be adjusted to reflect the structural changes down at section level?

Just some points as there has never been any reporting on this facet of the Land 400 plans.

Geoffrey Chester


Hi Geoffrey,

Your final statement is incorrect. There has been reporting, especially here in CONTACT – specifically page 52-57 of issue 57 of CONTACT Magazine, which you can find here.

I think that relatively brief, but quite clear article will answer your questions (if not your fears).

Also, have a look at part 2 in this short series of articles, which raises more questions than answers, but adds to the debate.

Thank you for your question (giving me an opportunity to respond, with links 😉 ),

Brian Hartigan






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