Sort of story retraction – re Royal Australian Air Force name

CONTACT (temporarily?) retracts our story titled “Is RAAF trying to drop Royal Australian from its name

While I did actually receive a ministerial press release recently that included six references to “Air Force” without any reference to “Royal Australian Air Force” or “RAAF” – and thought I was ‘on to something’ – it turns out this was an anomoly and not the ‘got-ya’ I thought I had.

In ‘researching’ my story, I initially, erroneously and too quickly jumped to a false conclusion.

I made this error through too-simple search parameters and realised my error the next day when doing the more rigorous double-checking I know I should have done in the first place.

This was a stupid mistake and I ‘own it’ completely.

I wholeheartedly apologise for any offence or concern caused.

However, since writing the initial story and then retracting it, I have been contacted by several people, including RAAF members, who told me there actually is an active campaign to preference “Air Force” over Royal Australian Air Force” – even to the extent of red-penning the ‘Royal Australian’ during higher-rank clearance processes.

I even came across this story, which includes 12 references to ‘Air Force’ (5 in the first two paragraphs – and including only one reference to the Royal Australian Air Force – of 1921!

And then there was this statement on the web site of the what used to be called the Royal Australian Air Force Association – now called Air Force Association…

…in 2016, when the Association’s National entity became a Company Limited by Guarantee the title was formally changed to reflect its early commonly referred title, ‘Air Force Association’, which is also in keeping with the RAAF’s branding as ‘Air Force’.

We’ll keep an eye on this issue before jumping to further, premature conclusions – but the mounting evidence is pretty self-evident.

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5 thoughts on “Sort of story retraction – re Royal Australian Air Force name

  • 29/01/2023 at 1:41 pm

    You don’t need to own up to this mistake if it’s not incorrect. Stop playing by the corrupt Rules Based Order. They don’t follow them. In fact, if they hide the truth yet you see changes in plain sight then common sense dictates you should follow your observations as the record. Like traditional science. Thanks for your work.

  • 29/01/2023 at 1:16 pm

    We aren’t Australian anymore. I know I know but for those who don’t know, we must remind them of how administration changes in countries can have devastating consequences in terms of how history and truths are repeated or changed. If everyone has been asleep and forgotten about the forced medical experiments, lockdowns and ritual tearing down of historical statues of the last few years, then this might be hard to swallow. We are part of a ‘World Order’.
    The latest version is the ‘Rules Based ‘world’ order. All part of the globalist progressive agenda. Probably best known by “New World Order” when referred to by George bush Snr as POTUS. Strangely denied as conspiracy and it was repeated at DAVOS and the WEF, literally last week. The reason the names are changing is because our Crony Capitalism has now basically made democracy obsolete and corporations are running the show with an unelected German establishing a World Govt. Strangely – nobody seems to care. The WHO has been given the right to rule over us in terms of strategy when the next pandemic arrives. bill Gates also met with Albo three days ago at Kirribilli. Nothing to see here folks. Move along. Wake up – we are on the wrong side of history when a bloke with very strong Nazi credentials and convictions is pushing for Russia and others who don’t subscribe to the NWO or world Govt agendas and message. Seriously, think about it. Have we had access to any information from the other side of story on the Ukraine fiasco. There was a time when we were a fair country. A little biased but overall fair. We are now towing the line and happy for our own to rot in jail like truth tellers, Julian Assange. I’ll say it again, we are on the wrong side of history on this one. Simply looking with an open mind shows how far gone we are as a corporation (country). The ADF with ol’ mate in charge will only make cock eyed decisions until he’s gone. All our media is mocking bird propagandists and did their best to destroy and divide Australians with the minority of. Invasion Day radicals. We’ll be calling Australia Day Invasion Day by next year, 2024. Sleepy Joe getting in was the signal and that’s the end of the story. It’s going to get 1984 ugly. Shame on these evil bastards.

  • 23/09/2020 at 11:26 am

    Far too many in the media refuse to own up to mistakes, and are happy to just move on as if nothing happened.
    Should be more of it.


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