Sort of story retraction – re Royal Australian Air Force name

CONTACT (temporarily?) retracts our story titled “Is RAAF trying to drop Royal Australian from its name

While I did actually receive a ministerial press release recently that included six references to “Air Force” without any reference to “Royal Australian Air Force” or “RAAF” – and thought I was ‘on to something’ – it turns out this was an anomoly and not the ‘got-ya’ I thought I had.

In ‘researching’ my story, I initially, erroneously and too quickly jumped to a false conclusion.

I made this error through too-simple search parameters and realised my error the next day when doing the more rigorous double-checking I know I should have done in the first place.

This was a stupid mistake and I ‘own it’ completely.

I wholeheartedly apologise for any offence or concern caused.

However, since writing the initial story and then retracting it, I have been contacted by several people, including RAAF members, who told me there actually is an active campaign to preference “Air Force” over Royal Australian Air Force” – even to the extent of red-penning the ‘Royal Australian’ during higher-rank clearance processes.

I even came across this story, which includes 12 references to ‘Air Force’ (5 in the first two paragraphs – and including only one reference to the Royal Australian Air Force – of 1921!

We’ll keep an eye on this issue before jumping to further, premature conclusions – but the evidence is mounting.


Brian Hartigan



But, in my Defence 😉





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