Defence hit with more COVID-19 cases

Defence has been hit with another three confirmed cases of COVID-19, after an encouraging lapse of more than a week with no new cases.

Defence’s map (which took a leave of absence, but has returned) shows all three new cases were contracted overseas.

There’s no indication from Defence if the affected members are or will be returned to Australia for management, nor any indication of how, where or when the disease was contracted or diagnosed, how the members will be treated/managed, nor what measures are being taken to prevent further spread.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The figures in each location on our map differs to that of Defence’s. Defence shows 13 cases overseas, whereas we reflect confirmed information that four of those were returned to Darwin and one to Brisbane. Also, our map indicates green for ‘recovered’ and green/red where there are some recovered and some active cases, to the best of our knowledge. This extra level of information (plus our running chronology) is only possible through observation, monitoring and detective-work in the face of Defence’s continuing information lockdown.





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