Why deliberately crashing my drone was a fitting end to 2018

I deliberately crashed My Mavic Pro drone into a bush (softest, driest option at the time) to prevent it crashing into a crowded carpark or swimming pool after I lost control of it.

Why I lost control is still a mystery – but early theories (after Google searching) suggest it was only partially my fault. Software issues may have played the major role in this instance – and if I can prove that, maybe DJI will fix it for me.



You can watch the crash in the video – it’s pretty spectacular (augmented by ‘unreal’ sound affects 😉 )

Rationalising it afterwards, I thought the crash was a fitting end to 2018, after my grand plan to get CONTACT back into print also crashed spectacularly.

But that’s now in the past and I must move on – to a new grand plan, yet to be announced, or even fully mature inside my skull.

But, if the plan pans out like I think it might, vlogging could be a very crucial support element of the whole shebang.

So, I’m getting back into vlogging.

Therefore, this is probably Season 2 Episode 1, I guess.

I hope you like.

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