NUSHIP Sydney launched

Australia’s third and final Air Warfare Destroyer was launched today.

The Royal Australian Navy’s newest ship was launched during a ceremony at Osborne Naval Shipyard in Adelaide.

Hobart-class NUSHIP Sydney carries a proud name and will be a significant warfighting enhancement to Australia’s fleet.

Air Warfare Destroyers like NUSHIP Sydney use a combination of global and Australian technology, to provide defence to a task group from air, surface and submarine threats.

They are the first Australian ships equipped with the US Aegis weapon system, which significantly enhances Navy warfighting capability and allows them to work more closely with our allies than ever before.

Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Tim Barrett said the launching of NUSHIP Sydney was a significant milestone for industry and Defence.


“As Sydney floats clear of her synchrolift, she will continue her journey towards decades of service to the nation,” Vice Admiral Tim Barrett said at the launch ceremony.

“In the past three years we have seen the launch of the first two Air Warfare Destroyers – HMAS Hobart and NUSHIP Brisbane – and with the launch today of Sydney, the class is now complete.

“They are powerful, elegant new warships that will serve Australia as a key part of our fleet for decades to come – a fleet that will be strong, agile, intelligent, and lethal.”

NUSHIP Sydney will continue her fitting out before she commences sea trials next year.





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