YouTube just made life harder for CONTACT

New terms and conditions will be introduced by YouTube next month.

Two key new rules mean that CONTACT may no longer be able to make any money off its channel (not that we were making much anyway – $102 in 12 months!).

The rules are, a channel must have minimum 1000 subscribers. We have 998 – so, just 2 more will get us over that line 😉
But the second new rule is even harder – must have 4000hrs of video viewing time in past 12 months. With just 3000hrs on our stats sheet, we’re in trouble.
Without audience support, the CONTACT YouTube Channel will be demonetised, probably about the end of March (one month after the new rules kick in).

What we need is more subscribers – all of whom go on a viewing binge over the next two months!

Alternatively, by joining the CONTACT Patron Army, you could help us eliminate YouTube advertising before they do.




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