HMAS Arunta has hidden in a consignment of coffee

Yes, the headline is correct – Royal Australian Navy ship HMAS Arunta has hidden in a consignment of coffee.

It must have been a bloody big consignment of coffee.

The information comes from a credible source – Defence PR.

The opening line of their press release says, and I quote, “Royal Australian Navy ship HMAS Arunta has hidden in a consignment of coffee”.

What it meant to say, but didn’t, was, “Royal Australian Navy ship HMAS Arunta has seized more than 800kg of hashish hidden in a consignment of coffee.”

The obvious error was corrected in a second press release sent out 32 minutes later, without explanation or by-your-leave.

Mistakes happen. One has made more than a few oneself over many years.

It just had to be pointed out, because we found it quite titillating.

One always enjoys a giggle at someone else’s expense 🙂


Seriously though – BZ to all involved – read the proper report here.

CAPTION: While on patrol in the Middle East region, HMAS Arunta conducted a boarding and discovered about 800kg of illegal narcotics. Photo by Able Seaman Steven Thompson.




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