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Posted by Brian Hartigan

Managing Editor Contact Publishing Pty Ltd PO Box 3091 Minnamurra NSW 2533 AUSTRALIA

4 thoughts on “Thank you for subscribing to CONTACT

  • 27/02/2019 at 6:43 pm

    Nice to see a place where I, as a Disabled RAAF Fireman-Aircraft can get updates on my RAAF doings… – I was also an Army Mortar Fire Controller before that, so anything on Army also interests me.

  • 25/02/2019 at 7:42 am

    Hi I like your article in the publication. I’m not really sure how to apply for these pins. I’m at TPI Army veteran and I also did quite a few years in the reserves. I was fortunate enough to make a HHR and was part of operation deluge during the 2007 apex Summit in Sydney. Can somebody please advise me how to apply for these pins. I don’t wear my medals any more when Anzac Day. I have my reasons for that however where my TPI merge active service baggage and these two pins as he would be nice. Please advise on our talks like the two pins. Kind regards Michael Le Serve

  • 10/12/2018 at 8:52 pm

    G’day, I’ve just subscribed to your online mag but I hope you guys get back to printing as I’ve been reading contact for many years & collecting as much as I can on our Aussie soldiers and history. I think you guys are bloody legends. Keep up the good work guys.

    • 15/12/2018 at 4:15 pm

      Hi Brian.
      You’ve made a very timely comment and I’ll reply in full to you so that others may see it too. I made this announcement on 14 December 2018, in another forum…

      Dear CONTACT supporters
      I have bad news and good news…

      The bad news is, I have already decided – no, actually, the audience (other than your good selves) decided – CONTACT will not be printed.

      I know I said I would make the announcement on 10 January. I also said I’d make a big push in the six weeks from when I published CONTACT 60 until 10 January. But, really, it became very very obvious recently that the whole print plan was a lost cause.

      My recent plea in CONTACT 60, reinforced by a double-page advertisement, attracted just 6 new supporters – and I lost 3 older ones at the same time. Which means I currently have a grand total of 69 DFSW Club members, when I needed 1000 to get CONTACT back into print.

      So, at this stage of the year, I think it is wise to stop flogging what is obviously a dead reindeer – and get on with whatever comes next.

      Now, let me be totally honest here – I seriously toyed with the idea of calling it quits on CONTACT after publishing issue number 60. And I don’t mean the magazine – I mean the whole ‘media empire’.

      I always get into a bit of a downer when I publish a new magazine – after the hype and tempo of pushing to get it out on time.

      But … Rosie talked some sense into me – I got over my temper tantrum – and I took a few days off to let my brain wander and weave and see where it led me.

      Which brings me to the good news…

      My heart and my brain – and, most importantly, my wife – told me it’s OK to carry on.

      So, I will continue to publish CONTACT – the media empire, including the magazine – pretty much as is, for now.

      I do plan on making some changes and trying a few new ideas. I hope to recruit some help (in advertising sales especially) and a few other tweaks as time goes by.

      I even have one completely radical plan in my head that could massively change things up (hopefully for the better) – but I won’t announce that until I consult a few more confidants, just in case I really have gone totally mad (yep, it’s that radical).

      I have also made it known to my chain of command that I’m available and ready to do some Army Reserve Days, to supplement the family budget – and to re-engage in some brothers-in-arms camaraderie, which I have missed over the past few years.

      I do want to keep the DFSW Club on Patreon going too – and hopefully improve it. It is a genuinely heartwarming gauge of audience love and support and – I won’t beat about the bush – a very welcome source of direct funding support of my work.

      Thank you all for your membership ‘fees’ to date – but thank you even more so for your votes of confidence and your immeasurable love and support evident in your generosity.
      If you aren’t already a member, please consider joining the CONTACT DFSW Club. Find more info here.

      And Happy Christmas to you all,

      Brian Hartigan
      CONTACT Editor
      0408 496 664


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