New submarine design and combat-system contracts signed

Two major developments in the Future Submarines Program were announced today…

Contract signed to commence design phase

Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne and Minister for Defence Marise Payne today announced the next significant step in the building of Australia’s Future Submarines with the signing of the contract between the government and DCNS to commence the design phase of the program.

Mr Pyne said the signing of the design and mobilisation contract today with DCNS was ahead of schedule and not only represented another significant step along the path to developing a regionally superior Future Submarine but also was good news for Australian defence industry.

“The signing ahead of schedule demonstrates the Turnbull Government’s commitment to ensuring the project is on track and that planning and preparations at each step are consistently thorough,” Mr Pyne said.

plan_mission-1“Mobilisation and design activities mark the start of the Future Submarine Program, with work also commencing to maximise Australian industry involvement and early planning for the construction of the Submarines in Australia.

“The timely start of design and robust planning for each phase of the Future Submarine Program are essential to success and for the benefits to start flowing to the Australian economy.

“Involvement of Australian industry in the Future Submarine Program is of vital importance to the construction and sustainment of the submarine fleet into the future, creating job opportunities across Australia.

“Alongside construction of the future submarines in Adelaide, there is other highly technical work to be conducted in Australia.

“This will include the integration and testing of submarine systems, including the propulsion and combat systems for the submarines.”

Minister Payne said that the start of design marks a significant milestone in the development of regionally superior Future Submarine capability for Australia.

“The design phase will enable Australia, in partnership with DCNS and Lockheed Martin Australia, to design a submarine that meets our unique capability requirements, which include superior stealth and sensor performance,” she said.

“This will be essential to meeting the security challenges we face over the coming decades as set out in the 2016 Defence White Paper.

“Our Future Submarines will be an essential part of Australia’s naval capability and will provide us with a strategic advantage.

“Submarines are an effective deterrent, and make a meaningful contribution to anti-submarine warfare in our region.”

“We look forward to our cooperation with France and the United States to support the development of this most important Defence capability for our nation,” Minister Payne said.

Mr Pyne said he was especially pleased that DCNS and Lockheed Martin Australia will be leading industry days in Australia in November and throughout 2017 across the nation to maximise Australian industry involvement in this major Defence acquisition program.


Lockheed Martin wins Combat System Integrator gig

Minister for Defence Marise Payne and Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne today announced that Lockheed Martin Australia has been selected as the preferred Combat System Integrator for Australia’s Future Submarine Program, subject to further discussion on commercial matters.

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Minister Payne said this was an important step in the development of Australia’s regionally superior Future Submarines.

“Lockheed Martin Australia will be our Combat System Integrator to partner with Defence and DCNS to design and integrate the combat system of our Future Submarine, which meets our unique capability requirements,” she said.

“By partnering with an Australian-based company with strong links to the United States we will ensure that we get the best Australian and US technology, while ensuring that our sensitive technology is protected.”

Mr Pyne said Lockheed Martin Australia intended to team with other Australian companies to provide the local engineering capacity needed to support the program.

“Today’s announcement again shows we are setting a cracking pace on delivering our commitment to build 12 regionally superior submarines in Adelaide,” Mr Pyne said.

“Lockheed Martin Australia’s involvement in the Future Submarine Program is likely to create around 200 skilled Australian jobs during the design and build phases of the program.

“The 200 full-time combat system integration jobs form part of around 2800 jobs associated with the broader Future Submarine Program.

“I am pleased that a team of Australian companies will integrate the Future Submarine combat system in a dedicated facility in Adelaide.

“This will see investment in engineering, project management and other high-technology industries in Australia,” he said.

Minister Pyne said Lockheed Martin Australia would draw upon expertise from Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training, and General Dynamics – Electric Boat, both of which are based in the United States.

“Australian industry will be directly involved in the highly technical work of designing and integrating the combat system for the Future Submarine, further developing our own capability in this specialised area,”Mr Pyne said,

“This is another step towards building and harnessing the innovation potential of Australia’s defence industry, as outlined in our 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement.”

Minister Payne and Minister Pyne acknowledged the quality of the proposals received from Lockheed Martin Australia and Raytheon Australia, which reflected the high standing of both companies, each of which is a significant partner to Defence in Australia.

“Raytheon Australia will continue to provide critical in-service support for the Collins submarines,” Minister Payne said.


ASC welcomes next stage of future submarine project 

Australian submarine builder and maintainer ASC said it welcomed the announcement of Lockheed Martin as the combat system integrator for the Future Submarine project and the signing of the design and mobilisation contract between the government and DCNS.

ASC Interim CEO Stuart Whiley said, “ASC has a unique understanding of Australia’s submarine construction, sustainment and operating environment through its work with the Collins Class submarines”.

“ASC has already commenced discussions with DCNS and government, and looks forward to discussions with Lockheed Martin, as the company transitions to a multi-class submarine fleet,” Mr Whiley said.

“Today’s announcement is a significant step forward for this very important project and ASC remains ready willing and able to assist all parties in ensuring Australia has an enduring, potent and sovereign submarine capability well into the future.”.












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  • 07/04/2021 at 2:23 pm

    Australian military success with acquiring French military hardware, should be seen for what it truly is – French financial gain from fools who continue to be floored and fleeced by French military failures.


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