Two army chiefs in undeclared shootout

New Zealand’s Chief of Army Major General John Boswell and his Australian counterpart Lieutenant General Rick Burr visited 1st New Zealand Brigade at Linton Military Camp yesterday.

CAPTIONAustralia’s Chief of Army Lieutenant General Rick Burr showing good form on the range in New Zealand – his New Zealand counterpart Major General John Boswell partly obscured in the background. NZDF photo.

The two newly appointed (Australian, New Zealand) Army chiefs spent time on the range with the NZDF’s new MARS-L weapon.

No word on who was the better shot – or if either were any good at all 😉

The two generals also talked to New Zealand Army officers and soldiers at Linton.

They also discussed opportunities for the two armies to continue their long and well-documented relationship.

Australia and New Zealand’s armies are currently working closely together on many overseas operations and local and international exercises.





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2 thoughts on “Two army chiefs in undeclared shootout

  • 01/12/2018 at 3:40 pm

    By the look of the flash eliminater on the Kiwi rifle it appears to be in a “fork” the same as the early model AR15/ M16’s. If this is indeed a fork they have not learnt from design flaw made 60 years ago in that these “forks” catch vines or small branches whilst patrolling, attacking or running away through the jungle. The later M16’s had “enclosed” flash eliminates.

    • 09/12/2018 at 9:43 pm

      Yea, I was sentimentally attached to my M16 with the open flash elim. in Vietnam ’69, then the Q store insisted I have a newer model….LOL


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