Big step forward for Navy in-house coaching

Navy’s first cohort of coaches trained in-house and in line with international and national standards has been hailed as a milestone.

CAPTIONCommander Andrew Mierisch, right, with Chief Petty Officer Zoe Mack on board HMAS Supply alongside Fleet Base East, Sydney. Story by Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Robinson. Photo by Leading Seaman Jarryd Capper.

The Directorate of Navy Culture has operated the Navy Leadership Coaching program since 2009, providing one-on-one professional development opportunities for more than 3000 Navy personnel.

Until now, most coaches have been trained by the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.

However, in September, Navy graduated its first cohort of coaches from its in-house Foundations of Organisational Coaching program, which aligns with International Coaching Federation and Standards Australia guidelines.

The cohort included members from the health, education, submarine, engineering and physical-training specialties.

This milestone achievement was part of the development of the Navy Coaching Academy that will officially launch later this year.

Commander Andrew Mierisch has been instrumental in the development of the academy and was a program facilitator for the first cohort.

“The Navy Coaching Academy is a realisation of the investment in social mastery,” Commander Mierisch said.

“It demonstrates a long-term, ongoing commitment to the development of Navy people, while supporting the need to meet scale targets and constructively influence a wider audience in Navy.

“Our ability to train our own coaches within the service contributes to the implementation of Next Generation Navy through the empowerment of individuals to undertake self-development.”

Chief Petty Officer Zoe Mack was a graduate of the new coaching program.

“What this program means to me is that Navy is investing in its people,” she said.

“There is a strong focus on your growth as an individual in these programs and ultimately better people make better leaders.

“Undertaking the coaching program was a fantastic experience for me and now I am in a position to share that experience with other people in the future.”

The establishment of the Navy Coaching Academy represents the maturity of the Navy leadership coaching capability and will expand to include functional components of research, fellowship and diplomacy, as well as an alumni network and a scalable curriculum.

Chief of Navy will formally launch the Navy Coaching Academy in November during Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2023.

For further information on the academy, Navy personnel can contact





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