US air-and-missile defence course delivered at Williamtown

The Royal Australian Air Force secured Australia’s first delivery of two Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) courses from the United States Joint Ballistic Missile Defense Education and Training Center (JBTEC) last month.

CAPTION: Flying Officers Nicholas Martin and Sarah Wickham use the I-Sim laptop simulation system during an Integrated Air and Missile Defence course – delivered by the US Joint Ballistic Missile Defense Education and Training Center. Story by Flight Lieutenant Claire Burnet. Photo by Squadron Leader Carlos Molina.

The only US organisation to be certified as a Joint Center of Excellence, JBTEC is the world’s premier IAMD training unit – providing joint training, interactive education and academic excellence to thousands of people.

JBTEC trains the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Space Force and most of America’s combatant commands, government agencies and departments (including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Missile Defense Agency and embassies) as well as national leaders and allied partner nations.

Commanding Officer of RAAF’s Surveillance and Control Training Unit at RAAF Base Williamtown Wing Commander Michelle McDermott said no organisation outside America offered courses of this nature to the same standard.

“Our strategic environment needs technical experts who can readily adapt to new ideas and technologies,” Wing Commander McDermott said.

“The ADF has new capabilities coming in, so leveraging JBTEC’s expertise and premier suite of missile-defence courses helps Australia better protect itself against current and emerging threats.”

Royal Australian Air Force IAMD course participant Squadron Leader Shaun O’Leary said the JBTEC trainers were passionate and knowledgeable about air and missile defence and provided unique insight to the capabilities, command and control, and planning considerations of US systems.

“As the ADF continues to grow its IAMD capability, these insights will prove invaluable in the development and refinement of Australian tactics, techniques, procedures and doctrine to ensure we are interoperable with our closest partners,” Squadron Leader O’Leary said.

Australian Army member Captain Jereme Russell was also on the course and said he gained valuable insight into US theatre-level IAMD planning, operations and doctrine.

“Exposure to the US doctrine, tactics and principles is extremely beneficial to our Australian IAMD planners because we primarily work within a US-led coalition,” Captain Russell said.

“Developing subject-matter experts in both strategic and operational air and missile defence planning and coordination will be crucial to ensuring a short-range ground-based air defence system is integrated in both joint and coalition environments.”

JBTEC is providing some fundamental building blocks for the ADF to develop its IAMD experience and knowledge.

Future course opportunities will be sent out via expression of interest nominations.

CAPTION: Joint IAMD Operations and Execution course participants at RAAF Base Williamtown. Photo by Sergeant Tara Hollywood.



CONTACT believes RAAF is deliberately dropping ‘Royal Australian’ from its name – despite Defence assuring us it isn’t true. Campaigning against this name-change-by-stealth, CONTACT has appropriately ‘repaired’ this official story. See here for more details







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