DPM/MinDef visits Aussie troops training Ukrainians

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Richard Marles and Minister for Foreign Affairs Penny Wong yesterday visited Australian soldiers providing training to Ukrainian recruits in the United Kingdom.

CAPTION: Australia’s Defence Minister Richard Marles talk to Ukrainian recruits during his visit to Australian Defence Force personnel taking part in Operation Kudu in England. Photo by Kym Smith.

The Australian ministers visited the UK-led and -based multinational training mission with their UK counterparts, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly and Defence Secretary Ben Wallace.

A contingent of about 70 Australian Defence Force personnel deployed to the UK last month as part of ADF Operation Kudu to assist with the training program.

The multinational training program will help generate additional capacity within the Ukrainian Armed Forces to support Ukraine’s self-defence. No ADF personnel will enter Ukraine as part of the program.

Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles said he was privileged to visit the Australian soldiers who have deployed to the UK to take part in the multinational effort to help train Ukrainian recruits.

“Australia, the UK and our international partners will continue to stand with Ukraine in the face of Russia’s illegal and immoral invasion – and we saw that first-hand here today, as our soldiers worked shoulder-to-shoulder to help bolster the capacity of the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” Mr Marles said.

“In this uncertain and complex world it is essential that Australia continues to work with the UK and other partners in support of the rules-based order.

“Australian is committed to standing with Ukraine in response to Russia’s clear violation of that rules-based order.”


Ukrainian recruits head for a weapon lesson during Operation Kudu in the United Kingdom. Photo by Corporal Jonathan Goedhart.
Ukrainian recruits head for a weapon lesson during Operation Kudu in the UK. Photo by Corporal Jonathan Goedhart.






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2 thoughts on “DPM/MinDef visits Aussie troops training Ukrainians

  • 13/02/2023 at 10:37 pm

    We will be on the wrong side of history with this decision. I feel for the soldiers. Those not wanting to be there if they have done the slightest bit of homework and the Ukrainians, on what appears to be suicide. Shameful behaviour of their leader and his globalist backers. Shameful. Australia was once a beacon for righteousness and in less three decades we aren’t even a shadow of our former selves. Australia is unrecognisable as the country we loved and cherished when growing up. Our military was amongst the most if not the most respected. I’ll leave it there. A fish rots from the head down. Those ministers mentioned lack the knowledge, courage and decency to be ordering anyone around to do the work of a few criminal cabals. Shameful. Cock eyed decisions have left us with a military that has been told to despise its traditions and to forget the past. I suppose it’ll all cha ge agai. In about 50 years.

    • 14/02/2023 at 2:22 pm

      Are you for real Mike, I am sure the vast majority of thinking Australians do not agree with your sentiments. Think how lucky you are to be able to speak your mind without having to worry about retribution from the State as you would if you lived in Russia or Iran or China or North Korea and remember how our right to free speech has had to be protected and fought for by generations of Australians in times past. That’s what the Ukranians are fighting for and they deserve all the help they can get. I am sure our troops are 100% committed to the training role they are performing and the proof will be in the performance of the trainees when they return to defend their homeland.


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