ADF invited back to school

Rivers Secondary College students in Lismore took a bit of time off from their usual classes recently to talk to Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel in town to help the community respond to the floods.

CAPTION: An Australian Army soldier deployed on Operation Flood Assist 2022 prepares to show Rivers Secondary College students over a Rheinmetall MAN M40 truck during a visit to the school in Lismore, New South Wales. Story and photo by Leading Seaman Jarrod Mulvihill.

More than 60 Royal Australian Navy and Australian Army personnel deployed to northern NSW on Operation Flood Assist 2022 brought a range of vehicles to the school for the students to look over.

The Navy and Army personnel also joined the students in games of touch football and volleyball.

Trooper Annie Bird from 1st Armoured Regiment enjoyed talking to the students about her Army career and her experiences on deployment to northern NSW.

“We’ve been received really well by the kids here today,” Trooper Bird said.

“They’re interacting lots and connecting with us, and they’re enjoying gaining new knowledge about the Navy and Army.”

CAPTION: Royal Australian Navy personnel deployed on Operation Flood Assist 2022 talk to Rivers Secondary College students during a visit to the school in Lismore, New South Wales. Photo by Leading Seaman Jarrod Mulvihill.

The deployment on Operation Flood Assist brought Army soldier Corporal Charlie Morris from 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, back to his home town after eight years away.

“The kids have been going through a tough time so we designed this event to lift their spirits and get them back in the mindset that life does go on after natural disasters,” Corporal Morris said.

Corporal Morris’s sister Ms Georgie Morris, a Rivers Secondary College teacher, was grateful to have the ADF personnel provide the students with a different experience during this challenging time.

“Walking around the playground after the ADF got here, there was a big buzz amongst the students,” Ms Morris said.

“They were excited seeing all the trucks roll in and the ADF personnel in their uniforms.

“A lot of the students loved learning about the careers of the ADF personnel here today as well as all the machinery and equipment the Army have brought along.”






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