Betrayal, By the Centre! 

Written by someone who once wore a Skippy Badge on his hat

A Lieutenant General no less, that my friend is definitely not “Phat”
To turn on one’s own for something that defines our troops
You know the ones; you have them jump through your hoops
Way out West or in the East putting in a “Quick Brigade Attack” for someone in power
Instead of letting us all go home for a rest and a well earnt nice long hot shower
So you can get another “Gong” for doing such a great job
Sure Yes, it’s impressive, but my wife and family it’s them that you rob
You get a pat on the back for a job well done,
Whilst we have to spend hours packing up having “All the fun!”
You go home first in a “Little White and Silver Bird” back to Canberra no less
With all the comfort of an airliner, not me though I go home in a “Herc” no hostess!
You sit in an air conditioned cabin way up high
Not me I smell the AVGAS; and the heat from the ground as we take off, for the sky
Then an engine goes dead, before the back wheels leave the ground
Another six hours or was it more just sitting, you know the drill! waiting around
For a replacement engine to come from some far away store
No phone signal from here in this dust bowl, just another fine day in the Corps
No I’m not bitter, but better, so you “Take Cover” Sir! Even the egg had a great fall!
You know the one, he sat on the wall!
But he wasn’t an Egg as we all know that story quite well,
It was a cannon no less, that’s for the ones that don’t know, I do tell
Your time will come to an end out of the green
In time you’ll realise you’re just another “Has been”
But I don’t think that, as that it is a bit harsh even for you
Maybe you should try politics or something like that, you know, try to be true
It should be okay as you’re a big fish in the scheme of things
But anyhow let’s just see what your future brings
With hands so soft you could do many jobs as you know
A Bishop; A Suit or a Politician maybe give them a go
As for us, we will rejoice for the tyrant has gone
He left his mark just like the rest, not to be outdone
He takes away our pride all in his stride, claiming these Symbols of Death that he tries to define
Are offensive and cold to a select part of our community but what of me and of mine

By Spent Cartridge
Proud Australian Army Veteran
(No plagiarism was intended and contains factual events)

The Facts
The Brigade Attack was on K95 in sunny Kununurra, WA. Dare I say “Dunham Hill”. For those of you there it would bring back bad memories, like the carnage at the airfield after the assault which was well, Explosive! Very Explosive! The Herc breaking down was at Boroloola NT, although I think it was closer to eight hours, maybe even nine of sitting about rehearsing “hurry up and wait! I used to love that game! The condoms and the condensed milk! He! He!
Spent Cartridge


FILE PHOTO (May 2021): A C-130J Hercules of No. 37 Squadron creates a dust cloud during a landing at Sam Hill Airfield in Queensland during Exercise Precision Red. Photo by Flying Officer Eamon Hamilton, digitally altered by CONTACT.





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Posted by Brian Hartigan

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One thought on “Betrayal, By the Centre! 

  • 08/05/2022 at 2:19 pm

    Well said!
    And they say that there are soldiers whose wicked deeds are known
    For which Macavity collected medals, but claims it can be shown
    Although he was the commander, like Napoleon in his time
    He gets to keep his medals, because he knew nothing of their crime.
    Brave soldiers who faced death, who were willing to take risks and dare
    Are condemned by tin-medalled Generals, who now deny they were EVER there!


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