Children receive lesson in safety

Defence community engagement hasn’t stopped during the Sydney COVID-19 lockdown, with Navy personnel recently giving children a lesson in safety.

CAPTION: Executive Officer HMAS Watson Commander Tina Brown talks to children from 15 Active Kids Group childcare centres via Zoom during Kids Safety Week. Photo by Emma Wholihan, Active Kids Group

Four members of HMAS Watson collaborated with 15 Active Kids Group daycare centres to engage with local children virtually via Zoom during Kids Safety Week in early August.

The activity built on an ongoing initiative by the base to regularly engage with the local community.

Executive Officer HMAS Watson Commander Tina Brown kicked off the session by discussing the Navy’s mission to protect Australia.

The children were then introduced to Leading Seaman Naval Police Coxswain Brooke Summers, who spoke about essential services that operated to keep the community safe such as the ADF, police force, emergency services and medical professionals.

Seamen Sohela Roy and Jack Warr spoke about the importance of looking after each other and the difference between feeling safe and unsafe in various situations.

The children learned that staying safe is a three-step policy: firstly, always be with a friend; second, create a safe word with your friends; and third, always look out for your friends.

Seaman Warr said he was delighted with the activity and hoped to participate in future HMAS Watson community engagements.

“The children were very receptive to the entire session and had a lot to contribute – it was a very engaging and interactive experience for all,” Seaman Warr said.

“The Zoom session concluded with the finest of naval traditions: a virtual salute.”






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