Soldiers work with the Australian Institute of Sport

The Army and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) have come together to share knowledge and ideas on performance and tactics.

CAPTION: Australian Institute of Sport representatives exit a CH-47 Chinook at the Townsville Field Training Area during a visit to the Command Training Centre in Townsville, Queensland. Story by Paulina Acuna. Photo by Corporal Sagi Biderm. 

Earlier this year, a group of coaches and representatives from the AIS conducted activities, including tactical field exercises, briefing and debriefing processes at the Townsville Field Training Area.

The Chief of Army Lieutenant General Rick Burr said Army was proud to partner with the AIS.

“It is a great privilege to share this unique partnership with our AIS colleagues as we explore new ideas, share information and increase the capability of individuals and teams,” Lieutenant General Burr said.

“Soldiers and athletes understand the pressures of performing on an international arena and the necessity of optimal performance.

“The insights gained from the AIS coaches regarding facilitation and performance has been invaluable.”

AIS CEO Peter Conde said the Army provided the ultimate mentoring example when it came to preparing its people for performance under pressure.

“To enhance performance, we need to be constantly working to improve,” he said.

“It can only benefit our athletes to have this resource to provide education opportunities, mentoring, familiarisation techniques and strategies to deal with pressure.”

The strategic partnership between the Department of Defence, led by Army, and the AIS emphasises the importance of human performance optimisation in achieving the competitive advantage.

It is based on three key shared objectives: to explore learning opportunities, share knowledge and experience, and foster collaborative activities.


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