Let’s start a collection of ‘offensive’ logos and stories

Dear Editor,

I got to thinking after my first letter to you – we should have a record of all these apparently ‘offensive’ logo’s for posterity reasons and they should be displayed at the AWM in a complete collection with as many photo’s of these logo’s in use along with as much information as possible like:

  • Who gave the name?
  • Why was it given?
  • How was it used?
  • What year was it designed?
  • How effective a deterent it was on operations?
  • How troops felt about their demise? 
  • Along with stories relevant to the logo and the link to the specific unit.
Digital composition by CONTACT
Spent Cartridge’s first letter to CONTACT

They are part of our history, like it or not, and as such need to be represented unedited and true to form, which the AWM is compelled to do, isn’t it?

Whether Angus Campbell likes it or not, these logo’s and names have been a representation of units for years. A  rally point for the sections, troops and larger organisations.

Like if I was to say “The Road Runners” you know I’m talking about 85 Tpt Tp and the “Rockdroppers” 176 AD Sqn.

I remember making fun of  “7 Little Horse”, one of our Army reserve units (hint, WA armour). Two carriers got sunk in the Swan River and one got stolen, driven through Perth. Made a little mess!

I remember it very well. I was there!

So I would like to ask all soldiers of all units and Corps who have been effected to submit as much  information as possible and have it sent to CONTACT, then have it forwarded to the AWM or even put on a seperate page on CONTACT as a gallery so we can all reflect on the good times before the despicable demise of these much-loved logos and names by an out-of-touch General Angus Campbell. Well done to you Sir!

Extra credit to anyone who has a photo with the CDF wearing a t-shirt or standing next to one of these ‘offensive’ logos. 

Stay safe look out for your mates, and remember – “shoot straight you bastards!”

Yours Sincerely,

Spent Cartridge
Army veteran


Hi Mr Cartridge,

I love the way you’re thinking.

CONTACT would love to be a receptacle for offensive logos, names and photos, especially as you describe – CDF wearing or standing next to someone wearing one.

I will set up a special landing page to put them all together – linked to any that have extra details or stories to go with, on separate pages of their own.

Send your photos and stories via this link.


Brian Hartigan
[smiling manically]







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