Plans to redesign ‘offensive’ unit/corps badges – Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, I was just wondering if there were plans to redesign any Army unit or corp badges that include either Crosses; the Star of David; Boomerangs; Swords; or other ‘culturally offensive’ items, considering recent events, what with a select section of the Australian community being so offended by these historical military symbols.

To me it only seems a logical escalation after the removal of Crusader Crosses/Sword; Death Heads; Skull and Cross Bones; The Punisher; The Phantom; Grim Reapers; Spartan Helmets – the list goes on and on.

As most readers know these historical iconic logos mentioned above identified units and provided what is known as Esprit-de-Corp, which was always encouraged when I served.

I must admit that I am offended by the changes, yet, will the powers-that-be respect my views and that of my community who I know have been very offended by the removal of such historical logos.

Terribly sorry what would I know – I’m just a veteran – I forgot my place – seen and not heard.

Wait – that’s not right either. I’m just a spent cartridge left at the firing mound, weathering.

My problem here is with the person making the changes – ‘recreating the wheel’, ‘leaving his mark’ – whatever you want to call it.

That person I would like to put forward for the Victoria Cross.

Although there could be a problem there too, what with the VC being a cross – not to mention the atrocities and slaughter that occurred during Queen Victoria’s reign.

And the fact that the recipient already has other crosses on his medal board could pose a conflict of interest too.

In closing I would like to say to all our fine young and not so young serving men and women. Us veterans understand your suffering at the hands of officers who, in some cases, have been promoted well beyond their worth, who are well and truly out of touch with the common Digger, and who, most probably, still bang on about the ANZAC legend and ethos that they themselves don’t even understand.

Yours Sincerely,

Spent Cartridge
Army Veteran
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