Invitation to Sailing Navy Dayz

Hello all.

28 January 2021 was day ONE of many positive days ahead.

I started this boat-restoration project, initially for myself to help me cope with PTSD.

I also have started a project to get access to a closed Navy Cadets base, to have it re-opened as a new Navy Veterans Boat Shed Group.

I hope you will all visit, like and share my Facebook page with other veterans, police, paramedics, volunteer firefighters, and anyone who puts themselves out there for others every day!

For those who suffer silently – you don’t have to come and lend a hand, but just come along for the voyage.

Hopefully, by watching me get through my tasks and hearing about my past, it might help you with your journey.

Stay safe. God Speed and Smooth Seas!


Tim Bowers 
ex Underwater-Weapons Sailor (torpedoes, demolitions, and Ships Defence Diver)
Royal Australian Navy during the 1980s





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