Sailor stoked with career development

A crew member in Australian Defence Vessel Cape Inscription has celebrated some significant milestones – and a birthday – while on patrol in support of Operation Resolute.

CAPTION: Able Seaman Briana Letta in the engine room of Australian Defence Vessel Cape Inscription while deployed on Operation Resolute. Story by Lieutenant Mollie Burns.

Able Seaman Briana Letta joined Cape Inscription in April 2021 after completing her category training at HMAS Cerberus in Victoria. She is a marine technician, a job colloquially known as a stoker.

In her short time on board, Able Seaman Letta has achieved her Certificate II Engineering and Engineering Harbour Watch Keeping Certificate, as well as being promoted to able seaman.

Currently working towards a  Mechanical Systems Technician (MST) Certificate, she said the continual professional development was a highlight of her role.

“One of the things I really like about the Navy is the variety of professional development opportunities and qualifications you can achieve,” Able Seaman Letta said.

“Growing up with three brothers has definitely made it easier working in a male-dominant job; it’s great because all the boys on board are very welcoming and giving me lots of support as I work towards my MST.”

The birthday Able Seaman Letta recently celebrated at sea was her fourth away from her family since joining the Navy in 2018, and was marked with a morning tea on board Cape Inscription.

“Family has always been so important to me and I know my family are extremely proud of me,” said Able Seaman Letta, who grew up in Penrith, NSW.

“Although it’s sad being away from family, the ship’s company made my birthday so special – I’m lucky to be able to celebrate it with my pegboard family instead.”

Able Seaman Letta joined the Navy for a challenge, to make new friends, travel Australia and work in a hands-on role.

She said she was meeting those goals as Cape Inscription patrolled Australia’s northern waters.

“It’s challenging work but a lot of it is hands-on, which I love. You get that on the big jobs,” she said.

Operation Resolute is the ADF’s contribution to the whole-of-government effort to protect Australia’s borders and offshore maritime interests.

Its area of operations covers about 10 per cent of the world’s surface and includes Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone, which extends up to 200 nautical miles around the mainland.

Christmas, Cocos, Keeling, Norfolk, Heard, Macquarie and Lord Howe islands all fall within Operation Resolute’s boundaries.

CAPTION: Australian Border Force Cape Class Patrol Boats operate alongside the Navy’s Armidale Class Fleet.






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