Breaker Morant – live presentation

Noted expert and advocate for justice in the ‘Breaker Morant case’ James Unkles is scheduled to give a presentation on his work in Sydney next month.

Hosted at the auditorium in the Anzac Memorial Hyde Park, Sydney CBD, James’ presentation will commence at 10.30am Saturday 3 July 2021.

James Unkles is a civilian lawyer, a retired commander of the Royal Australian Naval Reserve and former military reserve legal officer.

He began researching the ‘Breaker’ case in 2009 and had serious misgivings about the legality of the trials of Morant, Handcock and Witton.

James has conducted significant research into the Morant case and eventually petitioned the British and Australian governments, securing a motion in the Australian House of Representatives in 2018 that provided an apology to the descendants of these men and an expression of sincere regret that they were not tried according to the law of 1902 and suffered a fatal injustice.

His work continues to secure posthumous pardons for the descendants of Morant, Handcock and Witton.

James Unkles runs a website devoted to the cause, is the author of a book and numerous articles on the Morant matter and has been involved in documentaries and many media appearances.

Admission to James Unkles’ presentation is free but a donation to the Anzac Memorial would be appreciated.

Further information on this event can be had by calling 0419 698 783 or email






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